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The animated series "Special Agent Oso" is aimed at the childrens preschool and is it aim to teach young viewers to overcome the small problems of everyday life, like brushing your teeth, play on a swing, build a baseball cap for the birthday and other. The series designed by Ford Riley and produced by Walt Disney Television Animation is aired on the Disney Channel on April 4, 2009 in Children's Playhouse Disney program and consists of 41 episodes of 10 minutes each divided into two seasons (the first of 24 episodes, the second from 17 still in production).

Paw Pilot - Special Agent OsoSpecial Agent Oso is a yellow panda bear , with a black waistcoat and green gloves, which during the various special missions wearing different suits for various work to do. Special Agent Oso lives in a station orbiting around the earth and is informed on special missions to help children in difficulty by Mr. Dos, a mysterious computer that gives instructions through the voice that comes out from the watch wrist of Oso. Special Agent Oso describes the steps to follow, through the virtual character Paw Pilot a female character, characterized by a round head and a purple cap, which displays on the monitor the special steps to be taken within a certain time, complete with song. Special Agent Oso is still under apprensistato, and this requiring training courses. At this think the special agents Wolfie (a blue wolf) and Dotty (a red fox), whose task is to explain how to drive a particular vehicle, or overcome certain obstacles. The funny thing is a the weird scientist Professor bison, which makes the gadgets and techniques equipment that Special Agent Oso to use in the course of his adventures. Each episode is structured into three phases: the first part we find Wolfie or Dotty, that train, "Special Agent Oso" for some special missions.Special Agent Oso Usually Special Agent Oso isn't able to perform them on the first try, but so repeating steps, the childrens preschool learn better the moves that have to be made. Oso can always complete the exercises at the second attempt, after which earns as reward a "Digi medal" .

In an early episode, the cocinella robots equipped with cameras, communicates to the base that a child is in trouble in creating a greeting card for her friend. Oso is warned by Mr. Dos and decides for the special mission: "I can do it". So Paw Pilot illustrates the pattern of steps to follow. On the notes of the song "Three Special Steps": Three Special Steps they are, three steps and then you succeed. I will guide you in the mission, I will explain the steps ...” Paw Pilot indicates the tools to use and the order of steps to follow. This will be also invited the children to suggest the steps to the friendly teddy bear: write the greeting card with crayons, cut the sheet with a pair of scissors, with the help of an adult and put everything in a bag letter.

In another episode, Special Agent Oso is warned of a special mission, while he was in a training course with Dotty, about how install the solar panels on the orbiting station. The special mission is to help a child to make a cake. After receiving the necessary instructions from Paw Pilot, "Speciale Agent Oso" touch down with his plane, where he will help a baby to follow all the steps necessary to prepare any recipe: take the containers, follow the ingredients of recipe and then mix they all until the dough is ready to be put in the oven and receive the compliments of her mother. Oso can then return to the orbiting station and complete his training course on solar panels, which this time will be able to assemble perfectly.

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