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Blek Macigno


After the happened one of Capitan Miki, in 1954 the Turinese trio Esse G Esse (Sinchetto, Guzzon and Sartoris) gave beginning to saga of the "the Great Blek", character known also with the name of "Blek". Therefore like for Mark commander , the adventures of Blek are carried out during the years of the independence revolution American, when many trappers struck against red soldiers English of king George III. Between these it appears the blond man and muscular Blek , a man from the erculea force, that it resolves the situations with fists and heavy slaps to the English soldiers, than he calls playfully "red crayfishes ", for the color of their uniform. The comic strips of Blek collected a remarkable one happening above all in years ' 60, for their stories easy and funny .Blek Macigno in azione Next to giving a comicità touch to history the two inseparable friends of Blek : the eccentric professor Occultis, always ready to study of the plans to the aim to trick English and the Roddy small, a young person trapper that to the study and the borings lessons of the university professor, he prefers to help Blek and hes friends. blek is drawn with a beaver hat, a gilè of fur that covers the thorax and a pair of red pants. It mainly fights to hands knots, but in order to talk nonsense it usually uses the classic gun "Kentucky", used from the hunters Americans of that age. In its Blek adventures one has not only met with English, but also against the pirates, the warlike Indians, thieves and criminals of the worst kind . Thanks also to the talent of prof. the Occultis and to the enterprise of Roddy the trio is always successful to exit more undamaged and winning also from the intricate situations. From the song its, prof. the Occultis is also expert of hypnosis and in second of the situations Professor Occultishe succeeds to have use of of this technique, in order to addormentare its adversaries. Blek and its friends live with to one colony of revolutionary in a secret shelter to the inside of one forest. blek is the undiscussed leader of this group and in more than an occasion it has carried the revolutionary to the Victoria against equips English soldiers , prepared and invincible in opened field, but disorganized when draft to fight itself to the inside of the forest, where the trappers they know every more small hiding place. RoddyThey are in peace with all the tribes of local Indians, even if of I do not shave these last ones come forced from part of English to line up against Blek and its trappers patriots. Between several the enemies who have put in serious difficulty Blek remember Feroce Ferocio, the worst and equally strongly and skillful man with the crews, whose only mission in the life is that one to kill Blek . Is be raised from English whom all have held it in captivity, teaching them the disciplines of the combat and making it to become one terrible war machine . But also here, after a series of events that will bring to light the cruelty of this man, Blek will succeed to having the better one.

The great Blek represents an historical comic strip that has contributed, therefore as many others to diffuse the comic strip in Italy and still today boasts a nourished group of gets passionate readers and collectors to you.

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