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Bob Aggiustatutto


This cartoon series offers highly educational content and fun with the element of the game, and transmit universal values, such as friendship and solidarity. This cartoon is made with the plasticine and the tecnicque of stop-motion (one frame for every little change of character or scene), cartoons of Bob the Builder is a British production, and they last about 10 minutes per episode. The main character is Bob the builder, a building contractor and mechanical who due to its valuable and proven team of animated machines is always ready to remove the mess all the people who need his help. Very often these machines are also sympathetic to the aid of the same as you can see that Bob is somewhat distracted by the episodes. Bob the builderThe five machines built by Bob are all linked by a deep friendship. We find the leader of the diggers Scoop, Muck the bulldozer, who always acts before thinking, then there are the cement mixer, crane, and the steamroller. Among the various episodes of Bob the builder include "The muddy Muck" where Travis has to ask for help Muck the bulldozer as it is the only one who can pull out of the mud. Bob the builderThe episode "The tea" tells the story of Bob the builder who for mistakes, accidentally exchanges a cups of tea for waste to be recycled, pertato picks it up and carries him off in his car. They must to stop him before he sends shattered the precious tea cups.In the episode "The clock tower," Bob is saved by the secretary Wendy, when is locked, above the clock tower no phone In the episode "The tennis court" Bob the builder and the five machines  are grappling with the realization of a tennis court, the the end of their hard work is rewarded with the satisfaction to play in camp, where we will see an exciting macht between the secretary Wendy and Bob the builder. Bob the builderIn the episode "The Terrifying Spud", we find the scarecrow Spud, who bored his perennial static position, decides to imparere KARATE to do some movement, but his nose falls into a hole and the machines of Bob, is undertake to find him. In the episode "There comes a time," Mr. Pickles Bob helps to repair the barn in record time, before it reaches a violent rainstorm.

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