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CaillouCAILLOU: new series for the children

The protagonist of this cartoon is a child of only 4 years old, who with his curious eyes, peering over the world, anxious to learn the meaning of everything around him, just like the kids around the world. From the first experiences in the home, at the first trip by airplane, CAILLOU discovers daily the pleasure of growing up in a world that never fails to surprise! Day after day, learning to establish new relationships, to give a name and meaning to things he knows not, taking care of animals and deal with life's little problems. And every occasion is good to have an adventure! Caillou is in fact an adorable playful. The cartoon Caillou, derived from books for preschoolers by Christine L'Heureux and illustrated by Hélène Desputeaux.
Caillou lives with his mother, Doris (who works as a secretary) and his father Boris, characterized by a green sweater. Rosie is Caillou's little sister but that is only 2 years and often combines a lot of trouble. Caillou's friends are all of different ethnic groups, we find Leo, a lively child of Jewish origin, which celebrates the ritual of Hanukkah. Clementine is a child of African origin, determined and resourceful. Sarah is a girl of 8 years of Chinese origin, which celebrates the Chinese New Year.
CCaillou has received various awards, including the bronze medal at the World Festival New York.

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