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Flash Gordon
Flash Gordon


Flash Gordon makes its first apparition in January of 1934, to the inside of the "New York American Journal". This personage has marked the history of the comic strip, thanks to beautifulst history and the extraordinary designs of Alex Raymond. The adventures of Flash Gordon reached in Italy in the October of 1934 and came published in the dawn of the "Avventuroso". Thanks to Flash Gordon the boys of those years, began to know and to love the scienze fiction kind, that it saw history acclimatized in worlds disowned populary from fantastic creatures. The history of Flash Gordon begins when a meteorite hits the airplane on which they travelled Flash and its companion Gives them Arden. The two are saved on a island dispersed in the ocean. Here they meet a great scientist, professor the Zarkov which he puts acquaintance of Flash Gordon and of They give them that an other gigantic meteorite detached from the Mongo planet, is in order to hit the earth. Flash Gordon, Gives them Arden and their friend scientist to the aim to ask for the catastrophe, left for the Mongo planet. Flash Gordon and its companions met therefore with cruel Ming emperor, a tyrant from the aspect orient them, equipped of extraordinary powers, that one of great part of their adventures very soon will become the enemy number. In spite of history of Flash Gordon they are of scienze fiction character, the personage moves in exotic atmospheres and often it fights with swords, dark and daggers, rather then with laser beams or typical crews of the sort scienze fiction. The enemies who appear in history of Flash Gordon are often giant, fantastic animals, of which the protagonist servants also for its long movements, flying discs, big monkey, lizardmens and monster of every type. Flash Gordon also has met civilization much more progressed of the earth, but also many primitive. Between the other designers who beyond to Alex Raymond have contributed to the realization of the tables of Flash Gordon, we remember Austin Briggs, Mac Raboy, Don Barry, that they characterized the personage adapting it to the tastes in continuous change from years ' 30 to years ' 70.

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