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These timeless cartoons of Hanna-Barbera, still continue to entertain various generations. QThis thanks to the nice tandem of Fred and Wilma Flintstone, who live day to day problems of all households, with their (sometimes wacky) ambitions and their vices. In this backdrop prehistoric, a where cars are of stone, which are operated with the foot, the needle of the turntable is the beak of a bird of prehistory, the crane of the quarry where Fred works is a dinosaur, etc. In place of the domestic dog, have a little dinosaur named Dino.Them inseparable friends of Fred and Wilma are Barney and Betty Rubble. Fred and Barney Quite often, they unite with each other, to escape the control of their wives and regularly bump into some mess. In most cases, are Wilma and Betty who solve their problems.
The Flintstones is a series that has innovated the way to do the animation. Besides being the first situation comedy animated of all time, never until the '60s was a cartoon successfully programmed in the early evening, also coming to hold the record for most sealing during this time, until the advent of The Simpsons.
Also by then, no animated series was made with stories of half an hour. Fifteen years before Star Wars, The Flintstones collected millions of dollars in merchandising of toys and products tied to their image, including the famous vitamins that bore their names.There is no doubt that their strength is the ability for the viewer to empathize with the protagonists. Despite the prehistoric era, the anxieties and problems of couples Fred and Wilma and Barni and Betty, are not very different from ours. After the end of the series, the filmmakers tried different ways. Were produced a feature film (A Man Called Flintstone, 1966, with Fred in the shoes of a spy in key musical) and several films for television (in one of these, also appeared Thing of the Fantastic 4). Finally, the two feature films with actors in the flesh, came out in the '90s with some success, have confirmed that The Flintstones will also be prehistoric, but they are never out of fashion.


The Man Called Flintstones, by W.Hannah & J.Barbera, Usa 1966, 87
Straight from the Hanna-Barbera Studios, 87 minutes of pure fun with the Flinstones more fit than ever. The real star of the film is, however, the great Fred Flinstones who impersonating a prehistoric James Bond. The cartoon movie is a hilarious parody of fact, the most famous series of espionage. For fans of the genre, "The Man Called Flintstones" is an event not to be missed! ...

I Yabba-Dabba Do! by W.Hannah, J.Barbera, Usa 1993, 91’
Two of the most popular families in the history of cartoons, are about to celebrate a memorable event: marriage of Pebbles Flintstone with Bam-Bam Rubble. As soon as Wilma, Betty, Pebbles and fix the date of the big day, Fred begins to organize a wedding prefect, although he is not happy about losing his beloved daughter. Fred's intentions are, as always, biggest of its portfolio and of course follow the trouble. Despite having obtained the help of Barney, to finance the grand preparations for wedding of Pebbles… Fred almost loses wife, daughter, best friend, work and dog!

The Jetsons meet The Flintstones, by Don Lusk, Usa 1987, 90'
A time machine, able to bring together the two most popular families of the cartoon, the Jetsons and the Flintstones ... the adventures are truly amazing! When George Jetson uses the time machine to teleport the family on a journey into the future, something does not go your way and the Jetsons find themselves in Paleolithic "world of the Flintstones." After an initial distrust, the two families become friends. Suddenly, however, Time Machine is reactivated by case basis and the Flinstones will be catapulted into the future -futuristic ... a real shock! Will Fred to sit down again on his loved seat of stone or George to use his jet-Mobile?

Hollyrock-a-bye baby, by William Hannah, Usa 1993, 89'
After learning to be on the verge of becoming grandparents, the Flintstones and the Rubbles travel for Hollyrock to visit their children. Pebbles is very busy with work, and Bam-Bam is desperately trying to sell his screenplay: neither is prepared for the long-visiting of parents. While Wilma and Betty take care of the preparations for the birth of the child, Fred and Barney are busy to sell the work of Bam-Bam. After a series of incredible adventures, Pebbles finally gives the light ... two twins: Roxy and Chip.

The Flintstones Meet Rockula and Frankenstone, by Ray Patterson, Usa 1979, 48'
The Flintstones participate in a competition in costumes to win a romantic trip in the castle of Count Rockula in Rocksylvania. The legend says that Count, was creating a monster like Frankenstein, to keep out the werewolves, but for 500 years no one has more news. The Flintstones come to the castle in time for the masquerade ball, but Fred and Barney accidentally stumble into the secret laboratory of the Count. While trying to get out the window, lightning strikes "Frankenstone", which brings to life the centenary homeowner. The Count will bring chaos and terror at the party, and when Wilma kidnaps, it's up to Fred, having to save his wife.


The movie is composed of a series of special, with the new adventures of Flintstones and rubbles.. The Flintstones have new neighbors: the Frankenstone, Fred, for fear of having only 24 hours of life, will make so many things to be tired ... dead; Wilma will become a baseball pitcher of Bedrock Dodgers and Fred, in an attempt to lose weight, will make jogging and discover what is really out of shape.


The Flintstones Little Big League, Usa 1978, 55'

Fred and Barney are improvised baseball coaches, devoting himself to two small teams. Not only the two neighbors, passionately devoted to their new job, but what began as a friendly competition, starts to become a heated sporting challenge with no holds barred. A curiosity: a young Pamela Anderson did the dubbing Pebbles, in the original version.



by Charles A. Nichols, USA 1977, 60'

During Christmas Eve, Fred finally agrees to dress up as Santa Claus for a charity. But our hero must put aside his plans. That very evening, in fact, the real Santa Claus, she breaks a leg falling from the roof of the Flintstone family. So Santa Claus himself, asks Fred to continue his journey to deliver presents to children. Fred, with a red suit and fake beard, accepts the challenge!


Winner of '"Award of Excellence" of the Film Advisory Board, established to reward and promote quality entertainment, for children and families. When Fred is chose for interpret Ebenezer Scrooge in "A Christmas Carol" by Dickens, staged by the Group Model of Bedrock, his ego grows out of proportion and becomes the old curmudgeon who impersonating. But when the curtain falls, Wilma, Barney & Co. help Fred, to understand the true meaning of Christmas.

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