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Been born in the 1975 from the splendid fantasy of the Japanese scripteriter Go Nagai, from the wonderful designs of Kazuo Komatsubara and Shingo produced Araki and from the Toei, the series "Ufo Robot Grendizer" came transmitted in Japan , in the 1975 and was endured one revolution for all the children and the young people of that period. In Italy the series "Atlas UFO Robot" came transmitted in Italy on RAI 2 , in You open them of 1978 and was endured one revolution for all the children and the young people of that period. The scienze fiction weft, the ipertechnologic designs , the explosive animations and not last, the tv to colors that they began to enter in the Italian houses just in that period, made of the cartoons of Ufo Robot Grendizer, a true cultural phenomenon of those years. In fact it made to scomodare sociologists, psychologists, it prints, censords that they saw in the violence of those cartoons, one possible threat to the educational development of the children. In truth before then, one was accustoms to the classics cartoons to you animated for children, like those of the Hanna & Barbera, the Disney, the Warner Brows or the same Japanese as "Heidi" and the explosive battles of Grendizer to suon of "rotary blades" and "thunders at times spaces them" poor in argument the educational role of this expressive means, that it filtered much Japanese culture, much various one from our western mentality.

 Actarus The history of Grendizer speaks about Duke Fleed , prince of the Fleed planet, that it succeeds in scappare from its world invaded and destroyed from perfido Vega emperor. After years of travels in the cosmos to edge of its Ufo Robot Grendizer, Duke decides to land on the earth where it finds the living conditions better. It comes found from a famous scientist, Dottor Procton Dr. Procton, head of the Center of Searches Spaces them, than it adopts it and to the aim protect the secret idetità of this extraearthling, Actarus calls it and it introduces it like its son returned to house after along travel. Actarus, in all similar to the earthlings, integral with their life and is come taken to work near one small agricultural company, to the dependencies of the funniest man called Rigel, father of the beautiful Venusia and the Mizar small. Rigel is fixed with the sights of UFO and extraearthlings and hopes a day to meet one, with its small telescope, but not know to have of one just in its small farm that answers to the name of Actarus. The only thing that differentiates Actarus a normal school to be human is the fact to be equipped of athletic qualities and telepathic eccezzionali like the super speed in the race and the extraordinary physical force. But a day,  Rigel insatiable Vega emperor puts the eyes on the blue planet of the solar system: the earth and decides to conquer it. Therefore Actarus puts to disposition its beautifulst and most powerful Ufo Robot Grendizer in order to defend the earth from orde the malvagie and the super robots of Vega. In this it comes helped (but with insufficient it turns out to you) also from the brave minium-UFO of Alcor, from Venusia and Maria, the sister of Actarus appeared after various time and escaped also she from the destruction of the planet. However during the battles to edge of Grendizer, Actarus door still the signs of the wounds left from the Veganiani during the conquest of its Fleed planet. In fact its arm has one hurt that it is reopened every time that comes hit from the protonici beams of the enemy robots. In spite of the appearance, the figure of Grendizer and Actarus is not incline to the violence, indeed it hates it, but it is forced to fight in order to defend the human beings that have adopted it.  Actarus Goldrake The part that more than all fascinates in this cartoons is when Actarus notices of an attack of Vega and it is put in action in order to make to take part Grendizer. Here that therefore it runs to edge of its motion, towards the center of Searches Spaces them of Dr. Procton. With a prodigioso leap and to urlo of "Grendizer!", it is transformed wearing a red and black coveralls, with the wings stilizzate in the chest and a helmet white man with visiera that covers it the face entire. Entered in a part of the laboratory it knows them to edge of its Ufo Robot Grendizer and one puts the commandos, therefore it exits from a secret passage of the laboratory, hidden from one falled.

 Actarus Goldrake The battle ofGrendizer against the monster of Vega, always begin to edge of its disc flying in a position to launch "rotary blades" and "armor-piercing missiles" situated in the red discs to the extremity of the spaceship and "the fire rain" that leave from the cockpit. When the aerial combat turns out ineffective, Actarus setting in action the commando lever, comes down with the mobile chair from the cockpit to an inferior level of the spaceship, that it resides on the mouth of the super Ufo Robot Grendizer, therefore proceeds with the maneuver of separation, the gigantic robot go out from the disc and is ready for the fight body to body with the enemies. The crews that come commonly used from Ufo Robot Grendizer are: the "boomerang electronic ones", two cutting ones boomerangs situate to you on the shoulders,than rotary they come hurled on the enemy and from their union the halberd is born "spaces them". There is then the "armor-piercing mallet", (that it can also be double), the fist of the robot that is detached from the arm and thanks to of the blades that they are left over succeed to perforate the enemy armors. From the fist go out also the "digital disintegrators parallels" and the "missiles them" from the fingers. The "beam anti-gravity", than go out from the chest, serves in order to raise the venusiano robot and to immobilize it in the air, after has the possibility to set in action the devastating "thunder spaces them" that go out from the horns of Ufo Robot Grendizer and that the averse monster destroys definitively. That and hit Goldrake the attention very, in the headed ones of Ufo Robot Grendizer, was also the characterization of the enemies and in particolar way of subordinate monstrous Vega emperor and of its Hidargos, Gandal and Zuril. Hidargos is an official alien, from the green, lean skin and with of the long ears, that it comes defeated from Ufo Robot Grendizer, which it destroys its powerful spaceship. Gandal,  Vega whose appearance remembers a lot the famous Frankestain monster, is the most faithful skillful arm of Vega, commander of the base spaces situated them on the hidden part of the Moon. He is the advanced one of Hidargos, and when this comes defeated from Ufo Robot Grendizer, it replaces it with Zuril, than but it has its same its degree of comand and between the two it is born one ignited rivalry. Gandal is perhaps the more characteristic personage in how much, when it discusses with Vega, to a feature its face is opened like a door to two ante and go out  Gandal and Lady Gandal a very small called witch "Lady Gandal", its alter the feminine ego, than after a tremendous defeat to work of Goldrake, it is transformed in an only being with its male part. The greatest friend than Actarus is Alcor, an expert boy of UFO that helps the Dr.. Procton. Alcor places side by side Ufo Robot Grendizer in the battles, in the attempt of dargli manforte with its flying minium-disc of its planning, but in the greater part of the cases the small missiles launch from the brave boy, not scatch minimally the terrible armor of the monster of Vega. This makes us to understand that without Ufo Robot Grendizer, the earth would be dealt. After the destruction of the minium-disc, Dr. Procton entrusts it the guide of Ufo Robot Grendizer 2, a vehicle similar to an airplane that integral much good with Grendizer and of it increases its potentialities. Venusia, the daughter of Rigel instead is lost in love of Actarus and solo to half series understands that in truth the peasant assumed from  Venusia its father others is not that the pilot of the Grendizer. It decides therefore to participate actively to the battles and succeeds to obtain the guide of the "Dolphin Spaces them" an other aircraft that like Ufo Robot Grendizer 2 serves from support to Grendizer 2. Also Mizar, also not having an active part in the combats, not little contributes to create that amusing and  Mizar electrifying climate that it has made the fortune of the series. Mizar is like Venusia, the son of Rigel and works with to Actarus in the small farm, than esteem above all from when it has uncovered its true identity. Thanks also to the crews of Dr. Procton that enormously upgrade Grendizer, Actarus and its friends, after numerous battles, told in very 70 episodes, defeat the empire of Vega, freeing the entire galaxy from its oppression. Actarus and its sister Maria, return quidi to their planet of origin, to edge of the Grendizer.

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