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All'arrembaggio - One Piece
One Piece


Devised from the Japanese designer Eiichiro Oda, initially like manga from the title it "One Piece", in Italy has known happened thanks to the series to anime entitled "All' arrembaggio". Protagonist of the series is Monkey D. Ruffy, called more simply Rubber, a good boy, brave altruist and whom since small a great dream chases: to become the king of the pirates. Its model is represented from the mythical Shanks the Red, the largest one pirate that Rubber would want to equal in reputation. For more this famous one pirate it loses an arm in order to save Rubber from a marine monster, and it donates it the straw hat that characterizes the figure of Rubber. All it has beginning when Rubber eats for case the fruit of sea called "Gam Gam", which it has the property to transform the cells of the persons who ingest it in rubber, therefore Rubber becomes the elastic, strongest boy and unassailable , it can lengthen to every excess part of its body: arms, legs, hands, feet etc... Thanks to this power, with to its Koby friend, he decides to leave for the search of the legendary treasure One Piece of captain Gold Roger, to the fine ones therefore to become the king of pirates. Rubber knows that the only scourable route in order to arrive to the treasure of One Piece is that one of the Great Blue, this route is but most dangerous, in sold how much from pirates terrible and dangers of every kind. Rubber is found from endured been involved in a series of numerous adventures, thanks to  Zoro which meets Roronoa more simply called Zoro which it aspires to become that the greatest skilled swordsman on the earth; it fights using three swords to the time of which one held between the teeth, Zoro is also a sincere boy and loyal that has a highest sense of the honor and the given word. Rubber and Zoro become endured friends and entirety forms a deadly brace of combat, leaves entirety for the seas, while Koby decides to remain with the sailors of the village. The headed ones of For One Piece is made more and more fabulous above all when Rubber and Zoro meet the pirates of Arlong, here  Nami meets and they meet with Nami, the most skillful girl maps that it has the dream of to become famous completing in order before the map of the Great Blue, what still has still not succeeded in nobody. Nami initially is one ladra, false and traitor. Later on one will discover that it is held in hostage from Arlong and to its crew in how much it must give the sum of 100 million money in order to come to its freedom and that one of the village where is NATO, in how much is held in hostage from terrible the man-fish. Rubber succeeds to convince it to follow it for the route of the Great Blue, entrusting them the task of maps edge official. The man-fish to which is tied Nami is commands you from the perfidious and terrible Arlong which it is convinced that its race is advanced to any other living race. It has a superhuman force, of the teeth more sharpens you than a shark and a nose similar to a fish saws, but it will come defeated from Rubber after along and debilitating combat. The others members of the band are:  Route for the Great Blue Black Belt, one of the officials endowed of an extraordinary force, Hachi a octopus-man that it fights using six swords and Chuu an official, that it hits gi opposing with a most powerful water jet that he spits on the adversary. All how many will come defeats from rubber and from its friends. After the encounter with Nami there is that one with the most likeable Usopp, a boy a strange and false. Usopp is much friend of Kaya a noble girl of the village that gives to Rubber the beautifulst one caravel with which to arrive to the treasure of One Piece. Usopp will decide to join with Rubber and its companions. Usopp will return profit during the combats in how much is much skillful one in the use of the sling . Pirati The travels of the crew of One Piece and to the group will join a fourth element. Draft of Sanji a cook met in one strangest ship-restaurant. Sanji is a blond boy and fascinating and has a weak person for Nami. It only fights with the feet, sometimes quite with the hands in pocket and always is accompanied from the unfailing cigarette. Sanji, has desire to catch up a zone known like ' the heart of the seas ',  Usopp where the oceans converge and therefore fish and fruits of sea of all collect themselves the species, what that would concur it to cook of the fabulous plates. Sanji will follow Rubber and its companions, abandoning, the floating restaurant and its friend head-cook to which it is legacy from a large debit of riconoscenza. Rubber and composed its crew from Zoro, NAmi, Usopp and Sanji to every nose-dive of One Piece will give adventures fabulous, fighting with pirates of all the species. Like the crew of Buggy, pirate a powerful and famous Captain that he is similar a clown because of its red and round nose. He has eaten the fruit of the sea he cuts and he glue that the power has conferred it to detach and to attack to whichever part of its body.  Sanji Of its crew they make part also Mohji, a tamer of lions that has the property of being able to soothe any animal and Kabaji, a skillful acrobat who fights riding one bicycle monowheel. All defeats from Rubber, Zoro, Nami, Sanji and Usopp will come. The crew of Rubber it will meet the pirates of Capitan Kuro, pitiless and feared pirate, than in order to fight it uses of the gloves with of the blades for every finger. Apparently he seems a distinguished and educated man, in fact it wears a black jacket and a pair of glances at them that it gives a lord air to it. Pretending butler its scope was that one to get hold of the property of Miss. Kaya, the friend of Usopp. Of its band they make Jango part, in a position to hypnotize anyone it watches it and it is to feel and i to it Nyaban siblings, of the special guards of the famous band of the "black Cat" who fight using of the gloves with of the most sharp nails. There are then pirati of Don Krieg, called the flagellum of the sea orients them,  Rubber equipped of one crew composed from 5 mila men. In battle it uses every type of arm and its body and covered from one golden armor. The commander dela its crew is Gin that after a combat and a good plate of minestra will become friend of Sanji. Other important personage of the crew of Don Krieg is Pearl the commander of the second fleet, Pearl has the body covered from one series of shield that they protect.


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