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 Trial of strength POPEYE

Been born in 1928 to work of the designer American Crisler Segar, Popeye the sailorman , appeared to the inside of the comic comic strip "The Thimble Theatre", devised review the same one To saw. Very soon, Popeye become the more important and famous personage than this head, much to make of the protagonist of a longest series to animated cartonns that it continues still today, all characterizes one to you most famous acronym. Popeye is a sailor from the aspect a funny . Is mark from a pipe that door perennially in mouth, is squint to an eye, garment to the duffle-coat, has muscles of the forearms much more develops you of the two-headeds ones, on which tatooed the classic anchor of the sailor and walks with one particular at times hopping sailing point.But that that has rendered famous Popeye is the spinach.  Cover of Popeye the sailorman The its irritable, quarrelsome character, but also bravest, the door to face situations and enemies physically much stronger than he, to the point that Popeye is found taken to fists from the turn bad one and most times these punctually is a omone large and large with a black beard and hispid that he answers to the name of Bruto. In the greater part of the cases, he happens that Bruto abduction or face of the evil to the fiancèe of Popeye, Oyl Olives which shrick "Help, Popeye!" . To this point Trial of strength arrives and in its crash with Bruto, as it has said itself, it demonstrates to be only a good boxed of violent fists, but it is here that the spinach enter in scene.  Iron Bruto and Braccio Trial of strength with the single pressure of the fist, succeeds to open the box it, or uses the pipe like oxyhydrogen flame, and from moment in which nutre of this miraculous vegetable it becomes strongest to the point that enough only some fist in order to make to fly Bruto.  Trial of strength and Olivia Oyl Olives the fiancèe of Popeye is a funny personage much and likeable one. High, lean E', and door the hats collected in one small chignon black. Although it carries out always the role of the victim, has a above suspicion force and most times one defends from Bruto using violent soccer and powerful fists, while wave with the totally flexible body. An other characteristic personage, of the friends of Popeye, is J. Ellington Wimpy an individual, lazy, most times unemployed person, but greatest voracious of hamburger sandwiches. J. Ellington Wimpy has always a detached air and not curing of what it happens to it around, garment always with a small bomb in head and is characterized gives of the moustaches . An other personage is Swee' Pee, a baby dressed with a long blouse that turns out to have arrived to house of Popeye within a parcel post them. As Oyl Olives also Swee' Pee recites the person role to save, in how much for via of its curiosity, typical of the children, it goes to always hunt itself in a sea of troubles, without to become of account. Therefore Trial of strength must always make use of its inseparable ones spinachs in order to pull it outside from pies. Some time happens also that it is the same Swee' Pee to eat the spinachs and then... better to be to the wide one from this superchild powerfull. In history of Popeye, sometimes the father appears also Arm of Wood, rather active old who only distinguishes itself from the son for via of its beard white . He has a nervous and irritable character rather. Popeye possesses also a dog, but it is a dog of all the special one, in fact it comes from an other dimension and it answers to the name of Jeep It possesses of the extraordinary powers, like that one to become invisible, has also the particularitity to nourish itself exclusively of orchidee. In its adventures Popeye one does not only meet with Bruto, but also with enemies of every kind: witches, Martians and bandit of all the species. The idea of spinachs and Popeye is been born to fine advertising, for reclamizzare exactly, this produced type and making that the children ate some without to make too many history the own parents. This found had such happening to make the fortune of many producers of spinachs Americans, to the point that to make to erect a monument of thanks for this extraordinary personage.


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