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Ranma 1/2

 Ranma, Akane and Ranma 1/2 RANMA 1/2

Created from the mind of the Japanese scripteriter Rumiko Takahashi, ago its first apparition in August of the 1987 and endured extension happening of mostly feminine public. In Italy the comic strip comes published from the Editions Star Comics, while the cardboard animated in tv comes transmitted on MTV. Draft of the history of Ranma Saotome, a boy of approximately sixteen years that a day during a training of martial limbs with its Genma father, fell in one of One hundred Cursed Sources situated in a region of China, from that moment, second an ancient legend, are transformed in a everything girl comes to contact with the cold water. The antidote for this its transformation is the warm water, in fact after it are bathed with this, returns boy. Also its father, after to have fallen in an other source, must endure a every trasformaction time that comes to contact with the cold water, in this case transforms itself in a giant Panda. The legend of One hundred Cursed Sources gets lost in the night of the times, seems that in everyone of these Sources, past drowned various persons and animals, therefore, if unlucky falls in one of these sources, assume the aspect of the creature who lost the life in that place, in how much happens one fusion between the two spirits. In fact in the source Niang Nichuan, where Ranma fell, 1500 years ago a girl drowned, while in the Xion Mao Nichauan, that one in which Genma fell, 2000 years ago drowned a giant Panda. All the series turns around to the thread conductor of the transformations, in how much they are not only Ranma and Genma it are victim of this bad luck, but also great part of the friends and friends of the protagonists: Ryoga the friend and avails again of ranma, transforms in P-chan the maialino black (very amusing), Shampoo one little cat and Mousse a gosling. To all this there is from adding the controversial history of love between Ranma and Akane, than does not make other that to litigate and to stick (also she is expert of martial limbs), but that in truth they are secretly in love one of the other, only that because of their pride, does not express their feelings. Perhaps this is given from the fact that to Ranma has been tax the engagement with Akane, from the Genma father, in how much daughter of its companion of Soun studies. To ulteriorly put the sticks between the wheels between the two it is Ryoga, in lost in love how much of Akane.


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