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Fantastici Quattro
Los 4 Fantasticos

 Fantastic the four FANTASTIC FOUR

The Fantastic Four, are born in the 1964 from the super-prolific mind of Stan Lee (true name Stanley Lieber). To he the main superheroes of the head "Marvel Comics" must: Captain America, Hulk, Spiderman, Thor etc... (dei which we will speak in next editions about this situated one). He entered in 1939 in the publishing society "Marvel Mystery Comics" and after one long full career of successes, of become the director changing some the name. With to the mythical designers which Jack Kirby, John Buscema and John Byrne, fundamental page in the history of the superheroes to comic strips has written one. The Fantastic Four are composed from the following super-heroes: Reed Richard (Mister Fantastic), Benjiamin Grimm (the thing), Susan Storm (the invisibile woman) and Johnny Storm (the human torch). All it began when the scientist young person Reed proposed to the rest of the group a travel experiences them in the space. In spite of the opposition of pilot Ben Grimm the four left to edge of a rocket. But during navigation fantastic four futures , were are invested in full load from the cosmic beams that operated in they of the extraordinary transformations.  Mister Fantastic Reed Richards began to grow tall in how much the cells of its body became of one substance similar to the rubber, but most resistant. Benjamin Grimm become a monstrous being composed from many stones and equipped of an equal powerfull force to that one of thousand men, during the Susan transformation said "is transforming in one thing...", will be this its new name: the Thing. The body of Johnny Storm became incandescent and began to take fire, being lighter of the air allowed it to fly, launch heated beams and balls of fire:in that moment the human torch was called "". Susan Storm began to disappear and compare to second of its will, it will take therefore to the name de "the invisibile woman". Susan moreover can also create a field of defense indestructible, useful to defend the quartet in case of a large danger. Mister Fantastic is the leader of fantastic four and can assume the stranger shapes. Is immune to the bombs and to projects them why its body, thanks to the enormous degree of elasticity and plasticity, can embed blows of every kind without to receive damages. Garment one blue coveralls of weaving composed from unstable molecules. The Thing is more strongly of the fantastic four, has four fingers in every hand and three in every foot and continuously is tormented from existential crises that they push it to continuous releases of ira, pushing it often also to continuous arguments with the friend Johnny Storm. The human torch In the marvel universe in as far as force he is inferior only to Hulk and Thor, while he is advanced to all the others. Susan Strorm is the wife of Reed Richards from their union is been born Franklin, an endowed child of still in part unexpressed incredible powers. The Fantastic Four have as operating center of their actions the "Baxter Building" that is also the super-laboratory of Mister Fantastic. From that the brilliant technological inventions are born, that contribute to create of the entusiasmanti and fascinating adventures. Like in every series that you respect yourself, also the Fantastic Four have an enemy n.1, these are Dr. Destiny, a former companion of studies of Reed Richards that later on to a mistaken experiment, using a machine of Reed, for being able to communicate with the beyond, disfigured the ace and from then iron mask was forced to wear one perennially. Brilliant how much Reed Richards in the inventions, attributes to this last origin of its evils, therefore a personal battle against the Fantastic Four and the entire world continues. Often in their adventures, the Fantastic Four have of the collaborations with various super-heroes of the marvel universe. More you attend are "Cruel" of which it is famous "love story" between Johnny Storm and Crystall, or the Silver Surfer  The thing protagonist in the adventures against the terrible Galactus and many anlri still. To the aim to throw again the necklace, it has been, from part of the "Marvel Comics", one restructure of the personages. The task of the cover illustrations has been given to Mike Wieringo, while the cast of the authors it is composed from Carlos Pacheco, Rafael Marin with scenarios of Karl Kesel and designs of Mark Bagley. The history see the return of the Cruel ones, the Dottor Destiny and a terrible secret revealed for Mister Fantastic.

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