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Carlito y Snoopy

 Charlie Brown THE PEANUTS

Charlie Brown, Snoopy and companions is born in 1950 to work of the American Charles Schulz with the entitled series "Peanuts" and currently is published in the entire world. Draft of the life and the problematic thoughts of a group of children who attend the elementary school. In the animated strips and the cartoons of the "Peanuts" they have not never made their appearance the adults and also it converses made with the master, are nearly of the monologue where they give the answer of the protagonist intuisce which it has been the speech of teaching. One of the main protagonists is senz' other Charlie Brown (called from all always for name and last name), a child mark from a round head (what that all its companions point out it) and a hat forelock on the forehead, normally wears a t-shirt to zig-zag and a pair of short. Charlie Brown is an sensitive child much and problematic one to the point to be victim of a great complex of inferiority in the comparisons of its similar ones. Stupid and unpleasant feels itself and incarnates a little the fears of all the adolescents. Its greater passion is the baseball, where ago he is the player who the trainer of one shabby team composed from its friends, punctually defeat, this makes to still increase more its depression. Is also a lover of the writing and the north winds who but, never does not succeed to make to fly. Lucy Many of the complexes and problems of Charlie Brown are born also to work of the cynical and irreverent words of its exact contrary: Lucy Van Pelt, a child whose pragmatism is equal to problematic of Charlie the Browns. Lucy does not lose occasion in order to point out to the friend its defects above all when they play to baseball. Lucy is often ill-tempred, defeatist, foolish, egoist, arrogating and mistrustful. Of bond it has the innate sense of transactions and its sympathy that is born just from its defects. Every time that the poor Charlie Brown makes some reflection problems of the life of the life, the ignorance and the presumtion of Lucy punctually intelligence and the sensibility of the friend.  Linus But it watches Lucy case has little brother of some smaller year, that it has an analogous character to that one of Charle Brown, these is Linus. Is a child who garment always with one T-shirt to horizontal lines and the shortses. Often coccola tightening to the ace its inseparable one covered and putting the inch in mouth. When the parents decide of wash the blanket, he bursts in a crisis of I plant and panic. Like Charlie Brown, Linus he is an sensitive and constructive child, and is with he that it reasons on the sense of the life and the things. Often it is sheltered in a field of water-melon and expresses its amletic doubts to a invisibile entity called "Great Water-melon". In all this obviously, Lucy cannot that to discourage it. In the strisce of the "Peanuts", therefore as the adults do not appear, the animals do not appear not even made exceptions of the little hound more famous of the comic strips: Snoopy to say the true one appears also its friend woodstock, a little bird a much wide awake and amazing one. Snoopy is the dog of Charle Brown and if of often and gladly over the roof of its berth where it sleeps, thinks, dreams, it writes novels with the typewriter and plays to impersonate a famous pilot from hunting of the first world war "Joe Falchetto". Imagine of being over an airplane, rather than over its berth, dreams of having of the tremendous aerial duels with the terrible Red Baron striking to where.  Snoopy Not having the word (only the thoughts), succeed but to understand all what the boys say and it makes to mean from they when has hunger or when it wishes something. Indeed, in many circumstances it is successful to remove from the troubles our protagonists, with amazing solutions (as that one to guide one ruspa and to clean up a torrent from the masses that intralciavano the boat of Charle Brown and companions). The sympathy of Snoopy is born also from the fact that while the problematic friends, discuss on about the solutions adopting for a sure type of problem, it already has arrived and is already operating. Skating and surf and every E' passionate of grants long travels in company of the friend woodstock.  Schroeder An other characteristic personage of the "Peanuts" is the pianist Schroeder, blond child who in particular has the great passion for classic music and Beethoven. He passes its days to play on a small piano for children. Often Lucy, (eternally in love of Schroeder, but corresponded) does not try of absent he with materialistic speeches and disenchants, this does not make other that to rouse its unavoidable rebellion. Between the others we remember also the dirtiest Pig Pen, Violet, Sally, Patty, all children who live an existence plagued from thousands make problems psychological that they afflict them. But the day of the festivity of Halloween, mask all from water-melons and are celebrated, forgetting itself about their problems. "peanuts" of Schulz they are becomes to you most famous: their adventures have been collections in books and have given the several cue to cartoons. Thoughts that the names of Charle Brown and Snoopy have been give you to the lunar module and to the module of commando of the spaceship of the mission "Apollo 10". Moreover it comes taken with great attention from part of men of letters, essayists and psychologists, in how much in a way or in the other, they make to rifettere on those that they are the small problems of all the children (and not only) of this world. Thanks to the "Peanuts" the comic strip has conquered a place of all respect in our modern culture.

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