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Matt Groening, to its first experience from entertainer, the 8 September of 1986 invents the series of "The Simpsons" becoming some also the producer. Beyond to animated cardboards, it realizes of the collections to comic strips: "Simpsons Comics", "Bartman", "Radioactive Man", "Itchy and Scratchy Comics", "Lisa Comics" and "Krusty Comics", therefore I found the "Bongo Comics Group". But it is in 1990 that Homer and the Simpsons family becomes true and just a television phenomenon, striking the record of listenings of the issuing Fox Network.The main personage of the series of the Simpsons is without doubt Homer Simpson the head of the family (do in order to say itself). It works to centers them nuclear of Sprinfield di Montgomery Burns, like supervisor to the emergency, but its superficiality and obtuseness to times put in serious danger the inhabitants of the city. Homer Simpson has approximately 38 years and is the typical medium American, married with Marge has three sons: Lisa, Bart and Maggie. Habitually it passes the evenings to the tavern of Moe, from its friends drinking Duff beer, squander moneies and sometimes organizing left of bowling and baseball. In spite of everything, Homer Simpson always is fought from its scruples of conscience in completing determined actions and although, it converses with just the brain, it always succeeds to hunt itself in the troubles. Us they have been also of very amusing history where Homer Simpson fights with the same injurious organisms to the inside of just the body, like the brain and "ill-treat" liver. Homer Simpson in fact beyond ingesting beer voluntad adores oleose rubbers ring, fried potatoes and how much more piquant can is to us in foods, to the point to have caught up the the 117 beauty of Kg of weight. For its fortune it has met a wife like Marge, that he is true and the responsible one of the family, careful to the familiar unit, the sons and above all to the husband.  Marge Marge Simpson is characterized from crowd and blue hair much high one, it has approximately 34 years and beyond making the housewife manages in thousand other initiatives as to sell biscuit or other in order to make to square the familiar budget.  Marge Often plagued is from psychological problems that lead back it to small infantile dramas, which had to the deficiency of paternal affections. Of sweet and intelligent character it satisfies often and gladly, to the disastrous initiatives of the Homer husband. Largest of the sons anagram is Bart Simpson (a very "brat" ) and its name says it long of as is its temperament. It has 10 years and it attends the elementary quarter of Springfield, preferred its hobby are to go in skateboard, to complete small hoolliganism actions and above all ugly jokes to the Lisa sister. But to times manifest also a strong sense of protection, in the comparisons of the sister, once in fact also has been taken to Bart boxe in the attempt defending it, but punitive expedition in company of its friends has been revenged organizing one. To school it is the true terror of teaching and the Skinner director. Once but Bart Simpson has been considered a wonder-boy , only for the fact to have exchanged the task with that one of the first one of the class, but later on to a series of examinations it has been unmasked.  Lisa Fortunately the presence of Bart is compensated from that one of Lisa, the intellectual of the family . Lisa Simpson is a child of 8 years, of a phenomenal intelligence, sound sax and the guitar is sensitive and often has of the deep intuitions much. Although its many qualities feels itself sad and single for of all the superficiality that the surrounded. She dreams its twin spirit and it is itself also in love of a its substitute. She very feels the problems of the justice and the defense of more the weak people and poor, therefore she fights firmly for its ideals. There is then the small Maggie Simpson, a child of little months, than although do not make other that to hiss from the morning to the evening, the its great intelligence has manifested more times. To times, with the Simpson family, the father of Homer, Abraham Simpson lives also. Although he is in a house for olds of Springfield, often he comes received from Homer and Marge Simpson. Is a great sleeper, deaf and forgetful like many old ones, but when they come touched the ropes of its memories could pass of the hours to tell, bore the persons that it are next, like as an example Bart Simpson. Often it reproaches and depreciate its Homer son, but in bottom it wants all the good to it of this world. Is sometimes victim of the jokes of Bart, above all with its denture. The family alive in one classic house American encircled from a beautiful garden, in the citizen of Springfield. The characteristics of this zone are centarle the nuclear where it works in our beloved Homer Simpson, that it pollutes waters of the zone with its radioactive slags, but guarantees the job to many inhabitants. The Simpson's family passes of the hours in front of the television, watching to the Channel-6, show of Krusty clown (idol of Bart) and the local television news. They make the expense in a small open supermarket 24 hours to the day or in the comercial center of Springfield. Homer Simpson as it has been said, passes the evenings of the recreational club to the bar with to its friends, of which goes remembered Barney Gumble (the name does not remember you "Barney Rubble" the friend of Fred Flinstone), one single drunkard and Moe, the holder of tavern often he victim too of the jokes of Bart. There is then its neighbor of house Ned Flanders, all house and church with a family model , Apu Nahasapeemapetilon, a indù manager de small open supermarket 24 on 24 and Clancy Wiggum, a lazy and greedy commissioner of the police of Springfield. Its go also remember some to you connect of job, like Waylon Smithers, the servant faithful of the main Montgomery Burns, the more eager man of the earth, arranged to whichever thing also to pocket of the money. Draft enslaved its employee as and is often prey of omnipotence madnesses. The mayor of the citizen is Joe Quimby Ago, a petty politician who changes idea based on the numbers of the ballots that could have, uses politics for personal scopes. The church protestant is entrusted a modern priest: the Lovejoy Reverend. Often in cartoons of the Simpson they appear also of the most famous personages of the show, also they characterize to you with the typical yellow faces. They have made their appearance: Paul McCartney and its wife Linda, George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Maryl Streep, Magic Johnson, Susan Sarandon, Brooke Shields, Sting, Jack Lemmon, James Taylor, James Brown and very much others. The episodes of the Simpson come transmitted from Italy 1 and collect an enormous one happening are with a public young person that with that adult, creating true businnes for whom regard the gadget like, Ts-shirt, games and articles from gift.

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