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 Tom and Jerry TOM AND JERRY

Grown professionally in the studies of the Walt Disney, William Hanna and Barb Joseph, in the 1937 they decided to pass to the cinematographic society Goldwyn Meter Mayer. Here they produced most numerous films to cartoons. In 1940, with the short film "Puss Gets the Boot" it gives to life to the personages of the Tom cat and the Jerry rat, best known like "Tom and Jerry". With these amusing protagonists Hanna and Barbera have created of the true ones and own masterpiece of animation, thanks to which have conquered seven prizes very Oscar. The continuous dramatic turn of events and the fantasiose found ones and never discounted of Tom and Jerry, are constructed with a professionality and a cure in the movements and of the particular amazing, such for which the personages they seem made of rubber. From the 1957 Hanna and Barbera they abandoned the Goldwyn Meter poor Mayer and in just creating exactly the famous company "Hanna & Barbera". Tom and Jerry battle to suon is given of tools, without exclusion of blows. It always happens that starved Jerry, exits from its lair to the cheese search; Tom is endured to it leans with the claws you. Tom and Jerry begin therefore to be chased from a room to the other and to hide under the carpets, in the pots and the objects of the kitchen, along the corridors, within the furnitures and even in the household-electric ones which become of the deadly crews that put to risk the hair, the tail and the moustaches of Tom, regularly defeated in the duels. Jerry is a little rat a much clever one, Tom instead is often ingenuous and awkward, but determined and aggressive in its hunting, in spite of everything Tom collects much sympathy just why it turns out to always esssere defeated from Jerry, hunting itself always in a sea of troubles. In 1993 also a film on Tom and Jerry was produced, but it did not have a large one succeeded in how much decided to make to become Tom and Jerry friends and not more enemies. This has influenced on the dynamism of the cartoons and its humor that was based just on the fight of the two protagonists.


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