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Wil Coyote
Correcaminos y el Coyote

Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner

Beyond the Walt Disney and the Hanna & Barbera the cartoon production most famous American boasts also that one of "the Looney Tuns" and "Merry Melodies" produced from the Warner Brows to leave from years ' 40. Created for the greater part from the group of designers composed from Robert McKimpson, Chuck Jones (deceased of recent to the age of 89 years), and Friz Freleng, we will stop ourselves to speak about two personages of these very amusing cartoons series: Willie Coyote and Beep-Beep. Willie Coyote is a coyote of full of rocks mountains Americans, that it always tries to capture a fastest ostrich characterized from a strange back similar to the clacson of a machine "beep beep" from which derives its same name, Beep-Beep exactly. The crowds persuit have like background the freeways Americans who cross the desert and mountains and are enriched from the outlandish designs of canyon and strange masses always places to the limit of the cleft. Willie Coyote is a genius of the mechanics, inexhaustible inventor of traps and stratagems in which but ends unavoidablly in order to fall same he, rather than the fastest and most clever Beep-Beep. The novellistic outline classic is much simple and repetitive one, but it is just this that amuses the spectator, in fact that who interest is to see the fantasy of Willie Coyote in creating traps originates them, we remember: the ink that renders invisibili, the classic rocket, the motor ice-skates, the catapult with the block, the dynamite, the glue mails close to the decoy for ostriches etc... Willie Coyote will end always victim of its same ones inventions, whether for misfortune, or for the cleverness of Beep-Beep or also for its insufficient ability in controlling its same ones blots some. Willie Coyote it has been one of the first "cinematographic actors" (beyond to Ollio and Bugs bunny) turning its look to the television camera, conversing with the public one through a simple expression, is when cunningly its diabolic invention is ready in order to put in action some, is when sad and resigned it greets to us with the hand before throwing down the highest one canyon, always emphasized with the classic tonfo with the nuvololetta. It must also say that Willie Coyote is indestructible, although comes crushed from enormous masses or it comes incenerito from the explosive, in the successive scene we find it always full of energies dipped in some new plan. The fundamental rules of this cartoon are following: Beep-Beep cannot hinder the plans of Wile Coyote if not scaring it with its classic towards "Beep Beep", the inventions of Willie Coyote they work with all unless with Beep-Beep, to times the inventions do not work just for the excessive meticulosusness of Wile Coyote, the two personages do not have absolutely to converse between of they, Beep-Beep always must be in race, the scene must be always the desert. The amusing episodes more that they go remember to you are as an example those in which Willie Coyote it designs with a paint-brush the railroads of a railroad and in a wall the entrance of the gallery, in such way that Beep-Beep, tricked, in the attempt to enter, blinks against the wall of the wall. In this case it succeeds paradoxicalally that the train decoy really from the gallery investing it and to the guide of the train appears the same Beep-Beep machinist. Other classic scene is that one where we find Willie Coyote that spy the movements of Beep-Beep with of the particular binoculars, to its arrival under the canyon it is ready to set in action a catapult with the heaviest one masso that it would have to crush the ostrich, but always succeeds that the machine does not work and when Willie Coyote it goes to inspect and to verify of the mechanism, this releases to the unexpected one making to fall back block on the most ill-fated Willie Coyote. Other trap is that one to put of the mangime for ostriches in proximity of a glue carpet, over which a masso is placed ready to falling, when it comes set in action for means of one rope. In this Beep-Beep case it enlivens fastest, the food and escape out in the fraction of some second is eaten. Willie Coyote been strange he goes to inspect the operation of the glue that instead on he works, block the part and it comes unavoidablly crushed. Other very amising scene is when it operates by remote control some rocket, in which it has legacy of the dynamite, not succeeding to maneuver it well, it always ends that the rocket chases Willie Coyote in place of Beep-Beep, in the attempt not to make to explode the dynamite it blows on the fuse and when this is shortest and seems that Willie Coyote has extinguished it hardly in time, the bomb explodes and Willie Coyote it becomes black and singed like the coal. The adventures to comic strips of all these and other personages of cartoons of the Warner Brows have been publish to you in Italy in the dawn of the Publishing Cenisio.

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