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 Xavier X-men

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, inspire from the happened one obtained to you with the "Fantastic Four", decided to invent of the superheroes who as an example did not have acquired their powers from an external source (like the cosmic beams or the puncture of a radioactive animal), but that they were been born with those characteristics like of the natural genetic mutations, these individuals took the name, exactly of mutants. Been as the X-men, a group of good mutants, always with the characteristic Marvel style: super-heroes with super-problems. In fact in this comic strip, the superpowers are seen nearly like a handicap shape that increases the complexes of our protagonists. The world sees the mutants like rising of danger for the humanity, these represents the last evolution of the man ( Homo Superior ), that more perfect anchor, than potentially it could dominate the earth. The mutants from always discriminate to you and hate you from the human beings are therefore uniforms in two groups, from a part follow us of Magneto, those that have juror war to the humanity and that they effectively want, to reign on the earth with their power, from the other the students of Professor x (the x-men, exactly) that they want to put to service of the humanity their power, to the aim to convince the men that pacific cohabitation is possible one. The history has beginning when the Professor x  Cyclope (Charles Xavier), a man forced to be on a wheelchair why paralyzed in the inferior limbs, but in a position to reading in the minds, it decides to found a school for young people equips to you, ready for the acceptance of all the mutants that are disposed to put to service of the humanity their powers. Quintetto the base begins is composed them gives: Ciclope (Scott Summer) equipped perennially of an optical mask of protection (when it is in custom) or of a pair of it glances at them with dark discs of a valve to the quartz steal (when it wears the civilian clothes), in how much with on the powerful optical beams could kill who next , uses them alone in combat, opening the little window of the mask, after Professor x is the head of the group;  Marvel Girl Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) a beautifulst girl from red hats is the fiancèe of Scott Summer, a telecinetic in a position to raising objects and persons, with the force of the thought, this characteristic allows them also to fly and to read in the thought, to the point to enter in the minds of the persons; Bobby Drake, the Man Ice, a man with the body covered from the ice, in how much able to freeze beyond to its body also the air and all that that is around with the single force of the thought, in combat flake hardest ice balls or other objects and can travel in the air constructing itself of the frozen tracks. Angel Angel (Warren Worthington) is true and just an angel with the wings behind the back that concur to it to fly, when it must maintain the anonymity is forced to fold its wings and to hide them under the shirt and the jacket, Man Ice and the Beast what that provokes not little pains to it; Henry "Hank" McCoy, one scientist that it is equipped of great hands and great feet which allows it to complete of the extraordinary leaps is most agile and above all has a powerful force in delivering soccer and fists, for these its characteristics has been nicknamed the Beast . The five practice in incognito to the inside of the arena of the school, super equipped and in a position to putting to hard it tries the qualities of its athletes, this allows they to develop to the full control and the mastery of their means. The x-men they defend the earth from the bad mutants "you" of Magneto , an able man to command to all the ferrous elements of the planet thanks to the magnetic charges of its waves celebrates them. The group of Magneto is composed gives: Mastermind , alias Jason Wyngarde, an able ilusionist to alter the sense of the truth, Toad a hunchback small with the agility similar to the beast, but much less strongly. Is a servantes faithful of Magneto. Finally the personages of greater thickness of the group: two siblings Peter ( Quicksilver ) and Wanda  Magneto ( Scarlet Quicksilver dressed with a white man-celestial tights is equipped of an incredible speed (in this remembers much Flash of the DC comics), what that allows it to hit the adversaries to breathtaking rhythms; Scarlet wears a vestitino red with a mantellina and is one wizard (or witch to second of the points of view). Between the mutant others that met with the boys of Xavier, we remember also the Mimo, a person in a position to absorbing the powers and the characteristics of the persons who it were to the flank, thanks to which it succeeded alone, to contain all the powers of the five x-men. The adventures of these personages lasted until to 1975, when that is deep revolution of the head happened one.

He was in the course of an episode in which the x-men, except Professor x and Cyclope, they were made captive, that Xavier determined to recruit mutant others in order to save its students. They came Banshee , (an enemy time of x-men) a man in a position to emitting an acute outcry therefore to destroy, not only the classic glass, but also you arm, armored doors, armoureds cars and very much the other most resistant objects, this characteristic allows it also to fly; Colossus (alias the Russian Peter Rasputin) in a position to transforming its skin in lamellae a hardest organic steel, equipped also of an extraordinary force; Nightcrawler (Kurt Wagner) a creature from the blue skin, the tail to "arrow" and with sun three fingers is in the hands that in the feet, can tele-travel and scramble up practically everywhere, because of its aspect cannot hide its true identity; Storm (Ororo Monroe) , a beautifulst woman from hats white men and the skin of ebony, able to command the atmospheric agents, but that it has fear of the tightened spaces, in how much was escaped to the dead women from the landslide of a house, where its parents lost the life; Wolverine (Logan), equipped of animal smell and three claws crafts them of adamantio retratti them, in a position to cutting any thing, it can regenerate its same wounds in powerful way, but it suffers whenever must parade its powerful crews from the skin; finally indian the Thunderbird (John Proudstar), than but died hardly after three episodes . Of the group they made part also the brother of Cyclope Havok, in a position to emitting beams destroyed to you and Polaris , one fascinating green woman with of the powers similar to those of Magneto. Old and the new ones x-men could not cohabit entirety, also for characterial reasons, therefore there was the abandonment of Marvel Girl, Havok, Polaris Man Ice and Angel (these last two enlisted in the group of the superheroes "the champions") decided to change life, while Ciclope, from before undecided, chose to be between them row of the x-men and to be the leader of the new group. It had the assignment from part of Xavier to train the new recruits, having also of the ignited crashs with Thunderbird, which it did not lend sufficient attention to blots some of the arena. But Jean Grey, Marvel Girl is destined reappear and unfortunately for many readers also to disappear. In fact as a result of the being possessed from a cosmic force that of it has altered the psiche and has transformed it in perfida the Black Fenice, one kills after to be returned aware, in how much it understands to have store clerk of the crimes of galactic proportions and that its power could potentially make also other victims. Of all these personages, the most loved from the readers are without Wolverine doubt, to the point to have one head all for he. To this group mutant others will join of time in time. We remember Rogue one mutant whose physical contact absorbs the physical features and of the talents of anyone, comprised the super powers and the memories. From before enlisted between the row of the mutants "bad you" of the "Confraternity", after a disappointment, one addressed to Professor Xavier, than it enlisted it in the x-men. Conserve still part of sobtrahend the superpower to Ms Marvel. There is then Shadowcat that has the property to cross with just the body, the solid bodies. She was from the young enlisted from the school of Professor Xavier and after the separation of the parents, x-men become the lorio substitutive family, in particular tied a lot with Storm and Colossus. This new edition of the X-men has been cured from the scripteriter Chris Claremont and from the designer Jim Lee, which has throws again to it to you after a period of anonymity . Recently the film on the x-men for the direction of Bryan Singer has been turned where in spite of a good characterization of the actors, all the personages do not have the same powers of those of the comic strip marvel (as an example Storm do not fly), a film very realized and rich of special effects that we augur ourselves he can better have a continuation to the height (or also) of the first one.

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