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Yogi Bear came devised from William Hanna and Joseph Barbera. Left the Goldwyn Meter Mayer in 1957 and created the famous company "Hanna & Barbera", after two years of prepared to you and intense job, the two produced infinity of personages and series to cartoons that they still today amuse the children of all the ages, between these are also the most famous Yogi Bear. Hanna and Barbera for the ideation of the personage of Yogi, were inspired to the tawny bear that populate undisturbed in the beautifulst park of Jellystone in the United States, visited every day from very much tourists. Yogi is in fact a most likeable tawny bear with an intelligence and a talent outside from the common one. Punctually after the awakening from winter its hibernation, with to its inseparable Boo-Boo friend, they go to the hunting of the baskets of merenda of the tourists of the park of Jellystone, arranging one boat of troubles and provoking the ire of the caretaker of the zone, ranger the Smith. Yogi is a jovial bear and always of the good humor, characterized from cap green and one a red necktie, ago of all in order transgressing the strict rules of the park. The cartoons of Yogi have had succeeded also thanks to the voice of its dubber that of it characterize its phlegm and its typical recurrent exclamation "Ha Ha Ha Ha ", when some brilliant idea or some intuition comes it in mind . In fact Yogi, to the aim to catch up its scopes, resorts to thousand disguises and as many startagem. Its skillful arm is the most faithful friend Boo-Boo , also he characterized from one nasal voice much funny one. Boo-Boo is a small bear of low stature, bond but at the same time ingenuous in it is made to be involved from Yogi in its enterprises. Boo-Boo is a little bear afraid of the respect of the rules and of Mr. Ranger and it would not want to never transgress the orders, however charism of Yogi and the its greediness is therefore strong, than often and gladly some basket of the picnic does not scorn to steal also he of the tourists, full load of sweetmeat and delicious. In nearly all cartoons, i two bears always end for being are chased from the Ranger Smith, whose main task is that one to safeguard quiet (and the food) in the park of Jellystone. Exasperated Is gives Yogi and from its Boo-Boo friend, for via of the continuous thefts of the baskets of the snack. Like all the personages of cartoons and the comic strips that are respected, also Yogi has an eternal sweetheart, this answers to the name of Cindy, one bear fermale sweet and romantic, most in love of Yogi. But know that to tie sentimentally a free spirit like Yogi, taken from its thousand adventures arduous one is an enterprise much. In spite of everything the tender Cindy, dreams to marry it and of having with he one calm domestic life, encircled from many little bears. Is characterized from the classic expression "Oh, Yogi declares to you!". The Yogi Bear is also the commander of the arcplane, a species of arches of flying Noè where there are all the personages of the Hanna & Barbera like most famous the Hunckleberry Hound, Top Cat, Snaggle Puss and many others. Their scope is that one protect the earth from the danger of the pollution, to work of some bad one of turn.

Yoghi, Bubu, Ranger Smith and Cindy are Copyright © Hanna & Barbera and come here use exclusively to scopes cognitive you you and disclosed to you.

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