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Thor coloring pages
Turn on the printer and click on the design of the Thor. Next you can print it and color as you like it.

Thor is a deity of Nordic sagheas. Odin's son, the god of Asgard, possesses the powerful hammer Mjolnir, with whom he is able to control thunder and storm. Because of its precise mythological references, Thor, within the Marvel universe, has always been an unusual character with an epic tone who other heroes, more humane or endowed with technology gadgets, did not have. His first adventures, made graphically by Jack Kirby, are extraordinary for the inventiveness and variety of settings, but after the abandonment of the great designer and later by John Buscema, the character has known a period of oblivion, from which he is Was pulled out in 1983 by writer Walt Simonson. The latter was able to return to Thor, the great action scenes, the great adventure who had characterized his first years of life, thanks to a modern design, which overwhelmed not so much the normal American comics.

All Thor's characters and images are copyright Marvel Comics


How to draw and color Thor