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The poster of A Christmas CarolTO CHRISTMAS CAROL

Walt Disney Pictures and ImageMovers Digital present "DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL", a production directed by Robert Zemeckis and based on his adaptation of the classic Charles Dickens novel. This is the first film brought forward by ImageMovers Digital, which was created by Robert Zemeckis, Steve Starkey and Jack Rapke to develop 3D performance capture films for Walt Disney Studios.
"DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL," a whirlwind adventure imagined by Academy Award®-winning filmmaker Robert Zemeckis, captures the fantastical essence of Dickens' classic tale in what is a groundbreaking 3D cinematic event.
Miserly Ebenezer Scrooge (played by Jim Carrey in 3D) starts the Christmas holidays with his usual contempt, picking on his honest accountant and cheerful grandson. Scrooge has no desire to enjoy Christmas and, as usual, returns all alone to his home, where the spirit of his partner, Joseph Marley, appears. Marley is atoning dead for the sins of his greed and wants to help Scrooge redeem himself before it is too late, so he tells him that three Christmas spirits will visit him: Past, Present and Future. These take Elder Scrooge on a journey that will reveal truths that are difficult to face, such as being more generous to make up for years spent in total greed and greed for wealth, with the exploitation of his employees.
The stellar cast is led by Jim Carrey, who, like so many other co-stars, appears in several key roles. In fact, in addition to playing Ebenezer Scrooge at various ages of her life, Carrey brings the Ghosts of Past, Present and Future Christmas to life.
Working with Carrey is a diverse group of talented actors. Gary Oldman plays Scrooge's troubled employee Bob Cratchit, his son, the ailing Tiny Tim, as well as the ghost of Joseph Marley, Scrooge's now deceased former partner. Colin Firth plays Fred, Scrooge's cheerful and jovial nephew. Robin Wright Penn is Belle, who long ago won Scrooge's heart, and Fan, Scrooge's deceased sister.
A Walt Disney Pictures and ImageMovers Digital film, "DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL" will be presented in Disney Digital 3D ™, RealD 3D and IMAX® 3D.
RealD 3D represents the next generation of entertainment, with crisp, bright and ultra-realistic images so close to real life that you feel like you're in the movie. RealD 3D adds a depth that puts you at the center of the action, whether it's playing alongside your favorite characters in a new world or avoiding objects that seem to fly into the cinema.
Believed to be one of the best Christmas stories ever told and enjoyed by millions at parties, "A Christmas Carol" was originally published by Charles Dickens in 1843. The novel was an immediate and lasting success, becoming a Christmas tradition for many generations of people. It was the first story about time travel and is perhaps the most loved of the ghost stories.
The filmmakers felt that no theatrical release to date had really captured the story in the way Dickens thought appropriate, but now technology has been able to overcome some obstacles.
Performance capture is a process that digitally captures the interpretations of the actors with computerized cameras that span 360 degrees and the film will be presented in Disney Digital 3D ™. These technologies allowed the filmmakers to present an authentic Dickensian world without any artistic restrictions, transporting audiences to an era and place that were previously unavailable.
As for the soundtrack, director Robert Zemeckis didn't have to think much about who to call to make the music for "DISNEY'S A CHRISTMAS CAROL". Indeed, composer Alan Silvestri was his first choice. Silvestri collaborated with Glen Ballard to create a perfect song that concluded the film. "Dio ci benedir ", an original song inspired by the famous line Tiny Tim pronounces at the end of the film, was even recorded by Andrea Bocelli.

Original title: 
A Christmas Carol
92 '
Directed by: 
Robert Zemeckis
Official site: 
ImageMovers, Walt Disney Pictures
Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures Italy.
Exit date: 
December 03, 2009


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