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DVD The adventures of Ichaboad and mister Toad

DVD The adventures of Ichaboad and mister Toad The story begins with the toad Taddeo from the story "The wind in the willows". The toad was a very eccentric adventurer and reckless and loved to surround himself with friends and three in particular. The first was the accountant Tasso Mc Tass, the second Topus Waterat and finally Talpino Sweetmellow a mole with a mild and sweet character. Everyone is gathered by Mc Tass at Villa Rospo, Taddeo's luxurious home to discuss the debts of the eccentric toad, who finds himself running around with a horse and a circus cart, regardless of his financial situation in serious crisis due to his expenses. crazy . Tasso mcTass has taken on the task of putting his accounts in order, but now he is asking for help from his other friends as well. Topus and Talpino reach Taddeo and try to make him desist from his extravagant obsessions, but the toad does not want to listen to them and seeing a car go by, he is suddenly attracted by the passion for engines. All that's left for Topus and Talpa is to capture him and lock him up in his room. But that same night Taddeo runs away and his irrepressible mania for cars leads him to steal one and consequently be arrested. During the trial Taddeo asks for the testimony of the horse Cirillo, who tells how the facts went. That evening they met and saw a beautiful car speeding past them. Taddeo wanted it immediately and proposed to the shady weasels, the owners of the vehicle, to exchange his Villa Rospo in exchange for the vehicle. The weasels immediately accepted an exchange. The innkeeper Strizzalocchio also testifies to confirm his statement, but surprisingly testifies against Taddeo Rospo. Taddeo is locked up in prison, but on Christmas day he is released by the horse Cirillo. Later he goes to his friends Tasso, Topus and Talpino who inform him that Strizzalocchio has taken possession of the villa together with the weasels. The three go to the villa and after a series of vicissitudes and fights with the weasels, they manage to get back the sale contract of the villa. After that experience Taddeo decided to put his head right and put an end to his obsessions, always trusting in the value of friendship.

The episode "The legend of the sleeping valley" tells the story of Ichaboad Crane, a school teacher characterized by a thin physique, a big nose and two huge ears and for this reason arouses great curiosity among the inhabitants of the village and in particular of the energetic Brom Bones. Ichaboad falls in love with Katrina, the beautiful daughter of the richest man in the village, Brom's girlfriend. He tries to keep the teacher away from his girlfriend, but the girl also seems attracted to Ichaboad. Upon learning of his love rival's fear of superstitions, Brom tells him the legend of the headless horseman. Late one evening, on Halloween night, Ichaboad is chased by the dark headless horseman, who stops near the cemetery. After that episode, Ichaboad decides to leave the village, so Brom can marry his beloved Katrina.