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Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes. Attention, we are on the air!

Hold fast! All the favorite characters from your Looney Tunes are about to collide with the most popular reality shows! Okay guys it's time to go on air! Here is all the wacky Warner Bros.-style comic confusion in this unprecedented parody of TV with brand new cartoons! Plus, a shovelful of special DVD content you can't miss. In this hilarious DVD: Porky and Tweety give you points and more in Sport Blab. Grandma forces Sylvester, Daffy, and Yosemite Sam to surrender in Tear-Snatcher. And the antics continue, from Aluminum Spoon to Final Challenge, making the verses and verses of reality shows! ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes. Strange but alien

It is thrilling. It's witty. IT'S STRANGE BUT ALIEN! An explosive collection of new cartoons featuring your favorite Looney Tunes characters committed to having fun and entertaining yourself with the most varied interpretations: from mysteriously demented TV shows to the big blockbusters of science fiction! But that's not all: an irresistible assortment of new-improved-luxurious-extra special contents for you to see! In this mysteriously entertaining DVD, Porky and Yosemite Sam on the hunt for strange creatures end up in a Loch Ness Rock. Daffy hosts an exaggerated TV show about the paranormal world, with the most unlikely guests and topics: from the frightening "Mexican chupacabra" to the incredible harvests arranged in a circle to Taz, a living "Shakespearean" monologue. Then, Porky and Daffy will land on the strange Planet of Devils, to discover even more strange ones! But if you think it's over, you are wrong: toon-nellate (get the joke?) Of crazy and hilarious adventures of shorter or longer length await you in this hilarious DVD-Warner! ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes Collection. All Stars. Vol. 01

When it comes to cartoon superstars, the illustrious Looney Tunes team includes a roster of characters who are second to none in terms of talent. Now, in this amazing collection of original and fully restored cartoons, you will find some of their critically acclaimed first appearances and episodes featuring all your Looney Tunes friends! For monstrous amusement, it's hard to compete with the comedy of Bugs Bunny grappling with an orange and furry creature in The Hare That Stands Up His Hair. You will feel great sympathy for the big and big bulldog and the beautiful and sweet kitten capable of making him soften beyond belief in A cat for a friend. Take part in the eternal chase between Willy the Coyote and Beep Beep in Washed and Ironed. Plus you can discover the goodies of characters like Marvin the Martian, Beaky, Cecil the turtle and more in this wild collection of all the stars of Looney Tunes ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes Collection. All Stars. Vol. 02

With an exuberant combination of brilliant gags and animated jumble, Warner Bros. Looney Tunes has created an extraordinary constellation of stars that have become famous around the world. Now, this collection of recently remastered cartoons from Warner Bros' beloved line-up brings together a cast of legendary Looney Tunes characters in their most memorable performances! See how Tweety gets out of trouble in A POOR KITTEN KITTEN. Brace yourselves as the animated Hurricane the Tasmanian Devil bursts onto the scene in DIABOLIC WEDDING. And finally, don't miss the shocking performance of the irascible Daffy Duck battling the convinced aspiring hunter Porky Pig in DAFFY DUCK DUCK HUNTER. And there's no shortage of other favorite characters in this amazing collection of Looney Tunes All Stars! ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes Collection. All Stars. Vol. 03

Lights, camera, chaos! Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, Taddeo, Pallino, Michigan J. Frog and many other first-rate stars rise to the fore in these extravagant animated Golden Age gems, for the first time on DVD. Classics of off-the-beaten-track glee include an amphibious variety in Solo per Te Io Canto, and Bugs and Taddeo bastian Wagnerian opposites in Cane all'Opera. And the Looney Tunes go to Hollywood giving us cartoonized versions of Frank Sinatra, Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, WC Fields, Groucho Marx and other greats of the celluloid world. Stars or stars, stars or stars: don't miss this DVD for your most beautiful evenings! And a special insert teaches kids how to draw their favorite Looney Toons! ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes Collection. All Stars. Vol. 04

Everyone gets into action with this team of Looney legends! The animated stars of Warner Bros have thrown a mega party and you are all invited. With these 14 superb animated episodes your family will be able to enjoy moments of absolute fun in the company of Bugs Bunny and a gremlin (The gremlins of the air), Daffy Duck and a caveman (A duck in the stone age), Pep le Pew and his latest flame (The skunk cat), Beep Beep and Willy the Coyote (The invincible Beep Beep) and the Oscar-winning couple, Sylvester and Tweety (moralistic Sylvester). Do not turn down this invitation ... because there is almost more fun than a DVD can reasonably contain! ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes Collection. All Stars. Vol. 05

Ready to go on the hunt for 14 hilarious feline madness stories. A cartoon fan's best friend could also be a cat - especially if it's animated and featured in this fabulous collection that features fat, crafty, stray, docile, rebellious cats and even one who has learned to fly. Sink your claws into this collection of 14 cartoons and have fun watching Sylvester proving to his master that he is a skilled mouse hunter, a naive kitten forced to learn that a bulldog is not a mouse, Daffy Duck involved in a battle at the last line with an equally crazy sailor cat and Porky in the direction of a fish shop where eels, turtles, seahorses and the like are ready to battle the first cat that dares to enter. Take a leap too! ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes. Christmas carol

The new Looney Tunes movie CHRISTMAS CAROL, a hilarious version of Dickens' famous tale A Christmas Carol, follows the adventures of Daffy Duck, the Scrooge-style owner of a large shopping mall. To take full advantage of last-minute purchases, Daffy orders her employees, including the exploited manager Porky, to show up for work on Christmas Day instead of staying to celebrate with the family. It will be up to Bugs Bunny and the ghosts of Christmas past (Tweety and Grandma), present (Yosemite Sam) and future (the Tasmanian devil) to get Daffy to redeem himself, thus ensuring a Merry Christmas to the whole gang. Looney Tunes ....

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes Collection. Best of Bugs Bunny

Among the most popular and recognizable cartoon characters ever drawn, Bugs Bunny is that rare animated creation with a personality so bright it's hard to believe it's not real. Bugs, the carrot-eating hero of over 175 cartoons and numerous films, has jumped into the boundless world beyond the screen becoming an icon of popular culture and one of the most beloved characters of the Looney Tunes! Included in these beautifully restored and remastered animated triumphs for this assortment of the best Bugs Bunny cartoons: the epic discussion between Bugs and Daffy about which of them is unprotected game in Rabbit Hunt; the scandalous parody of The Rabbit of Seville and Bugs that gives points to a cow with a bad temper in Beware of the Bull. And that's just the beginning of the rabbit fun ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes. Bugs Bunny. Vol. 02

What's up, Doc? That with these cartoons you have fun like crazy, here's what happens! Make way for the rabbit, the one that speaks at the speed of the hare, the one with the sly, brazen, indomitable air ... the one, okay, you understand. Now sit back and enjoy the hilarious adventures of this rogue, sorry, this rabbit, Bugs Bunny, the # 1 star of Warner Bros. These Golden Age Looney Tunes cartoons come to you for the first time in DVD, in all their pristine, original and crunchy splendor. From Bugs Bunny's Wild West Gallops Again to the ape dream of Clay Gorilla, from the "top hat" of this DVD you will get all the rabbits you want! And special content teaches kids how to draw their favorite Looney Toons characters! ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes. Bugs Bunny. Vol. 03

Enjoy Bunny Season as often as you like with some of Bugs Bunny's best pieces! He is smart, funny and always finds a way to win. It's Bugs Bunny, and with this wonderful collection of 14 of the craziest adventures of the mischievous rabbit, you too will win! All family members enjoy seeing Bugs Bunny get the last laugh on Taddeo making plans (Helmer's Formula, All Health), the mad wizard Ala Bama (The Missing Hare), an arrogant bricklayer trying to evict the our hero (A rabbit seeks a home) or a lazy Easter rabbit (Easter jokes). Everything goes great when Bugs cheeky and self-confident manages to reduce any problem to crumbs ... at the cost of entertaining you! ..

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes. Bugs Bunny. Vol. 04

New entertainment guaranteed by Bugs Bunny including the Oscar - winning cartoon "The Knight Bugs". We officially confer the scepter of king of laughter to Bugs Bunny. This chest full of 14 of the most beautiful cartoons of the exuberant rabbit will prove its worth. From the beaches of Arabia (Desert Marauder) to medieval England (A Rabbit in Sherwood Forest), from Ancient Rome (A Rabbit Among Lions) to the South Pole (The Skating Penguin), our long-eared friend demonstrates to be a peerless comedian and a true global hero. The world is his. We live (and laugh) inside ..

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes Collection. Best of Daffy and Porky Pig

They are the most bizarre animated couple by definition. Together they were the performers of timeless cartoons that highlighted the combination of their hilarious and opposing personalities. During the course of their extraordinary careers, the impulsive tendency to gaffe of Daffy became even more evident, as the tender, stammering Porky became more of a thinker than an action hog. As a result, they formed the ideal team, with Daffy often in the lead role and Porky obediently playing the shy but witty shoulder part. In this exciting collection of the best Looney Tunes cartoons, full-length and fully remastered, enjoy the cosmic sci-fi nonsense of Daffy and Porky in Duck Dodgers in the 24½ Century. Be careful what you might win in the Sweepstakes radio contest. Get ready for the funny bragging rights of The Scarlet Mask. And even more animated duck and pig madness await you in this gorgeous and quirky collection featuring Daffy and Porky ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes. Daffy Duck & Porky Pig. Vol. 2

Country United States
Number of discs 1
Production Warner Home Video, 2003
Technical data 96 min.

Porky (and other pigs) serve up a hearty plate of laughter! Shoulder or solitary protagonist, when Porky Pig arrives on the screen it is always a friendly face. In 14 goofy detective stories, monopolize the limelight (along with other favorite pigs) and give insane fun, with a little help - and a serious worsening of situations - from the almost omnipresent co-star Daffy Duck (Daffy Duck Sleeping Here, Robin's Misfortunes Hood, Space Squad). However, Porky Pig gets along well on his own, especially in the Hollywood environment (Hollywood quirks, Cinema what a passion), and always alone manages to roll around in thrilling situations (Bluebeard ferocious killer, A quiet place). When it comes to animated comedy, Porky Pig knows his stuff! ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes. Porky Pig. Vol. 3

You've always considered Porky to be a good sidekick for Bugs Bunny and the other Looney Tunes stars. But in this exclusive collection of exciting stories, for the first time on DVD, you will finally see Porky dominate the scene. Our favorite pig is in fact the protagonist of 5 of the 11 Warner Bros. gems collected here, including the mystery classic "Uncle's Last Will". And his WC Squeals, a chubby pink caricature of the famous comedian WC Fields, will add a dash of madness to your enjoyment. Plus you'll enjoy a parade of hungry squirrels, cats, ducklings and wolves, all Looney style, in their brightest moments of glory - it can be said that in this collection you will see the best of Porky and his friends. ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes. Speedy Gonzales

Little mouse. Great sombrero. Spectacular laughs. Some cartoon heroes run. Others still more. But the fastest running fun of all you will find in this exclusive DVD that collects The best of Speedy Gonzales, 14 cartoons dedicated to the very fast party mouse who is above all a galan-mouse. The real party begins with the debut of our little hero in The Mexican Ship. And if you've ever wondered who is the fastest - Speedy Gonzales or Beep Beep - you'll find a hilarious and unexpected answer in Hot Asphalt. The night of Halloween instead sees our fastest hero, together with Daffy Duck and the witch Hazel, struck by a comic curse. Are there witches? And again, the old enemy Sylvester will learn the hard way that Speedy is not ideal even for a cat who loves fast food. Time flies when you have fun! ...

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes. Beep Beep and his friends

Our lives follow a pattern. The sun rises and sets. The slice of bread always falls to the floor on the buttered side. The queue at the other crate moves faster and faster than ours. And Willy never takes Road Runner. This Golden Age collection "captures" Beep Beep and his friends at their best: uncut and on DVD, here are some of the craziest characters ever tied to an Acme rocket. You never know what Willy will invent again. But you can be sure he'll try again ... using a catapult, a dehydrated boulder (just add water!), Tornado seeds and other ingenious Acme devilry. The hunt is on. As well as fun can not miss. And a special insert teaches kids how to draw their favorite Looney Toons! Beeep beep!

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes. Tweety & Silvestro. Vol. 01

I thought I saw a cat. What you see is what you get - and more - in these Golden Age Looney Tunes of Warner Bros. animation for the first time on DVD. The wary canary of the cat and the hungry cat of the canary capture the limelight and the Golden Oscar (Best Animated Short Subject - 1947) with their first paired appearance in Tweety's Cake. Hair and feathers also fly in Cat's Baddie and the fun derails in Traveling Companions. Silvestro, Daffy Duck, Pallino: many chicken brains ... as many unmissable cartoons that make up the classics of animated hilarity! And extra content teaches kids how to draw their favorite Looney Toons characters!

DVD Baby Looney TunesBABY LOONEY TUNES: an extraordinary adventure - In the DVD cartoon of the Baby Looney Tunes series, we will find the classic characters of the Looney Tunes when they were as small as: Baby Bugs Bunny, Baby Duffy, Baby Taz, Infant Silvestro etc. In this adventure we find them intent on capturing the legendary Easter rabbit ....


Looney Tunes dvdSpace Jam - A film that has become legend. All the characters of Looney Tunes from Bugs Bunny to Duffy Duck, from Sylvester to Tweety, will have fun in this exhilarating cartoon where the undisputed protagonist will be the best basketball player of all time: Michael Jordan. The film is full of extraordinary special effects, with real actors and cartoon characters. In the cartoon, the Looney Tunes will have to defeat the Nerdlucks extraterrestrials who have taken over the talent of some NBA basketball players, but the legendary Michael Jordan plays among gold and then and we'll see some good ...

dvd the cute Bugs BunnyThe nice Bugs Bunny - The funniest rabbit of the Looney Tuns always more cunning and phlegmatic than ever, with his cunning and unpredictability he always manages to give a hard time to his opponents, first of all Taddeo and Pallino. In this 40 'DVD we will witness the hilarious adventures that will see him compete with other Warner Brows characters such as Pallino, Duffy etc ....

dvd the legendary Daffy DuckThe mythical Daffy Duck - The funniest duck of the Looney Tuns always more irascible and unpredictable than ever, with his presumption and obstinacy he always gets into trouble also because of his proverbial bad luck. Despite his constant defeats, Duffy Duck is one of the most loved paperooms in the world by adults and children. In this 40 'DVD we will witness the hilarious adventures that will see him compete with other Warner Brows characters such as Pallino, Bugs Bunny, etc.

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes: Back In Action

Original title Looney Tunes: The Movie
Country, Year United States, 2003
Regia Joe Dante
Number of discs 1
Production Warner Home Video, 2004
Technical data 90 min
Contents behind the scenes (making of); unpublished scenes; short film

Warner Bros. contract actors Bugs Bunny and Duffy Duck always fight. Tired of being in the background to Bugs, Duffy has decided to leave the studio forever. Vice President Kate Houghton fires him and throws him out. Having become a sidekick without a protagonist, the duck decides to team up with DJ, whether he wants it or not. But DJ discovers that his father Damian Drake, a star famous for playing secret agent roles, is truly a spy and has been kidnapped by the evil Mr. President, head of the equally evil Acme Corporation. Damian appears to know where the mysterious and powerful Blue Monkey Diamond is, and Mr. President is willing to do anything to get hold of it. With Duffy in tow, DJ sets out on a journey in a desperate attempt to precede the evil Acme employees and save the world from their clutches. But unbeknownst to them, the two new spies are followed by Kate and Bugs who have been ordered to get Duffy back to work right away.

Looney Tunes DVDLooney Tunes Back In Action

Main interpreters Brendan Fraser; Jenna Elfman; Timothy Dalton; Heather Locklear; Joan Cusack; Robert Picardo
Regia Joe Dante
Production Warner Home Video, 2003

Space Jam
Main interpreters Michael Jordan; Bill Murray; Wayne Knight
Regia Joe Pytka
Production Warner Home Video, 1996

Looney Tunes DVDThe 1001 fairy tales of Bugs Bunny. Looney Tunes Movie Collection

Country, Year United States, 1982
Regia Friz Freleng
Number of discs 1
Production Warner Home Video, 2006
Technical data 70 min
Contents special

Climb on Bugs Bunny's flying carpet loaded with fun cartoons! Bugs Bunny gnaws tale after tale in this fully restored, digitally remastered, absolutely Looney animated feature adventure! It all begins when Bugs becomes the involuntary storyteller at the court of Sultan Sam's pestiferous son, the Crown Prince of Abadaba. To save his tail from Sam's fury, Bugs offers an exaggerated assortment of witty enormities in the company of other animated world stars such as Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Tweety & Sylvester, the Witch Hazel and other beloved characters from the Looney Tunes stable. .

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