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Mickey Mouse DVD

dvd Mickey Mouse in black and whiteWalt Disney Treasures. Mickey in black and whiteo - This DVD contains a collection that has marked the history of the cartoon, in fact it starts with Mickey's debut in the famous Steamboat Willy of 1928, up to mechanical Mickey Mouse. The cartoons are all in black and white and enriched with very interesting extras, such as interviews with historical animators such as Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston. You will be able to retrace all the difficulties of the techniques and the experiments on animated drawings of the time, when the same cinematographic art began to take its first steps. A tribute to the most famous mouse in the world that has made many generations of children of all nationalities dream.

dvd Mickey and the magic of ChristmasMickey Mouse: sun, salt and sport - The whole Disney Band is waiting for you to entertain you with lots of sympathy and a pinch of madness, in this collection of summer laughs not to be missed! Go on an adventure with The Alpinists Mickey, Donald and Pluto, and learn to play baseball with Goofy as the guide, the fun starts in fourth, to launch yourself at full speed in this volume that collects 6 incredible adventures ...

dvd Mickey and the magic of ChristmasMickey and the world tour in 80 days - Travel around the world with Mickey Mouse to discover languages ​​and notions of geography. As Mickey and his friends whiz around the globe, they invite your child to greet in different languages, to assign animals to their habitats and to recognize the different types of houses in which they live in the most diverse places in the world. Extra: - World Warlock Challenge ...

dvd Mickey and the magic of ChristmasAmazing Mickey Mouse Christmas - Mickey and Donald Duck together with their old friends live a series of fun Christmas adventures ...

dvd Mickey and the magic of ChristmasMickey and the art of fun - On November 18, 1928 the little swagger Mickey mouse made his big debut and invaded the whole world with his charge of fun and sympathy! From today you can have fun with your favorite Disney friends thanks to MICKEY AND THE ART OF FUN, a celebration of some of the most hilarious moments, the most hilarious collection of animation treasures starring Mickey Mouse In Tic Tac Mickey mouse, Mickey mouse he takes it out on Donald's crazy and noisy alarm clock, which doesn't leave him alone for a moment. Later Minnie falls in love with a chef from haute cuisine, so Mickey Mouse tries to get back his love to prepare a great dinner but everything ends up in a terrible mess .. This and much more in Una Sfiziosa Cenetta. In addition, many cartoons that will literally make you laugh like An Inorganic Organ, The Gift That Has Taken Flight, The Cleaning Machine, Cars That Come Coffee Makers That Go, Chewing Gum, The Big Trouble of Mickey mouse and The Mickey Mouse Pie. ...

Disney dvd the three musketeersThe three musketeers - Mickey, Donald and Goofy - Friends for the skin Mickey mouse, Paperino e Goofy they work as kitchen maids while dreaming of becoming Musketeers. But Gambadilegno, captain of the Musketeers, together with his evil Lieutenant Chiarabella, tries to involve the three friends in a plot to take possession of the kingdom of Princess Minnie. The only hero to face the evil Gambadilegno Mickey mouse. Strengthened by their friendship and teamwork, Donald, Goofy and Mickey Mouse will quickly learn that together they can achieve anything ...

dvd Mickey and the magic of ChristmasMickey and the magic of Christmas - Mickey mouse, Paperino e Goofy and all their friends are ready to relive the joy, magic and warmth of Christmas. The entire Disney gang at the most magical party of the year. ...

DVD Mickey and the Disney villainsMICKEY AND THE BAD DISNEY - Over 100 villains created by Walt Disney's fantasy collide at Mickey mouse Halloween's night. At the stroke of midnight the mighty Jafar (the villain of Aladdin) takes over the landlord and his friends to project a collection of 8 different classic and modern movies that tell magical and terrifying adventures ..

Mickey Mouse DVDMY MICKEY HERO - This 58 minute DVD contains a collection of the best cartoons from Mickey mouse...

Walt Disney Treasures: Color Star Mickey Mouse -On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the birth of Mickey mouse, the cartoons that made Disney history available for the first time on DVD!
DVD content:
The badistic concert
Mickey Gardener
Skating, what a passion!
Pluto is the day of judgment
Mickey's firefighters
Pencil test
Through the mirror
Mickey's circus
Mickey's elephant
Mickey conductor
Mickey's polo team
The climbers
The move
A rival for Mickey Mouse
Picnic for orphans
Color Mickey Mouse with Leonard Maltin
Hawaiian holidays
Moose hunting
A potion combines - trouble
Magician Mickey
Amateurs in jeopardy
The watch cleaners
The Mickey Mouse Parrot
Boat builders
Mickey's trailer
The brave little tailor at .....

Walt Disney Treasures Mickey Mouse Color Star Vol. 2 [2 Dvd]

The celebration of Mickey Mouse's colorful pirouettes continues in this second volume of short films - from 1's "Public Hero No. 1939" to his latest short film "Mickey Mouse Fishing" from 1953 - and films, undoubtedly giving you a picturesque story of the most famous mouse of the world ...

dvd Disney Bongo and the three adventurersBongo and the three adventurers - Many Disney characters appear in this film: Mickey mouse, Paperino, Pippo and Pinocchio's Jiminy Cricket. It is the 9th Disney Classic that tells about BONGO AND THE THREE ADVENTURERS and proposes, in an entirely restored version, two unforgettable stories magically brought back to life by the sympathetic and wise Talking Cricket ...

dvd Mickey's White ChristmasMickey's White Christmas - A terrible blizzard forces Mickey and all his old friends Winnie Pooh, Piglet, Belle, Snow White, Ariel and many more to extend the Christmas holidays. All that remains is to bring out the cookies and hot chocolate and help Paprino find the spirit of Christmas again. But the real party begins when Minnie finds the films of past Christmases and starts the memories: the atmosphere changes immediately and so does the mood of the company ...

dvd - the prince and the poor manTHE PRINCE AND THE POOR - The prince and the poor man from Disney starring Mickey mouse, Goofy, Paperino and Pluto is based on Mark Twain's classic children's literature. The story tells of two boys alike like two drops of water, but different in social positions, in fact, while the first is a prince surrounded by luxury, the second is a poor and abused commoner. The two, tired having taken note of their extraordinary similarity and eager to get to know a different world, exchange roles. The DVD also includes the animated film The Legend of the Sleeping Valley. Bron Bones is the handsome suitor of the wealthy Katrina Van Tassel. To defeat the superstitious rival, Bron will use a terrifying ghost story. You can also find the interactive game: Mickey's challenge and the castle treasure.

dvd Mickey's houseMickey saves Christmas and other topostories -

Original title Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. MIckey's Great Clubhouse Hunt
Country, Year United States, 2006
Number of discs 1
Gender Boys
Production Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2007
Technical data 70 min.

Here is an exclusive Christmas story that is presented for the first time on DVD together with two hilarious episodes from the series The House of Mickey Mouse, which is already a cult for the audience of children. Through the study and use of an innovative computerized animation technique, the results are amazing: the incredibly captivating images and the surprisingly realistic characters ....

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