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DVD AsterixAsterix and the Vikings

Original title Asterix et les Vikings
Country, Year Denmark France, 2006
Regia Stefan Fjeldmark; Jesper M ° ller
Number of discs 1
Production DNC Home Entertainment, 2007
Technical data 78 min.
Contents behind the scenes (making of); trailers

Spaccaossix, grandson of the chief Abraracourcix, is a seemingly rebellious and bold young man who tries to mask his strong insecurity and the inability to face real dangers in every way. Asterix and Obelix have the task of tempering his character to make him a real man. But to complicate their plans, a bizarre enterprise of the Vikings intervenes: the fearsome Nordic warriors invade Gaul to discover the only thing they do not know, fear. As the "Champion of Fear" the Vikings decide to kidnap Spaccaossix. Asterix and Obelix will have to leave for Scandinavia to try to free him..

Asterix dvdAsterix and the 12 labors. On this DVD Asterix is still struggling with the Romans. After so many terrible setbacks in Rome we begin to believe that these Gauls are truly invincible as gods. Cesare, now very angry and definitely exasperated, decides to subject the astute Asterix and the strong Obelix to twelve terrible tests ....
Asterix dvdAsterix the Gallic. 50 BC the Gauls are definitively defeated by the Romans. While Vercingetorix places his arms at Caesar's feet, all of Gaul is defeated. Almost all of it, because a small region, surrounded by Roman camps, resists. Thanks to a village inhabited by the small and indomitable Asterix, the gigantic Obelix and their friends. ....
Asterix dvdAsterix and Obelix against Cesare. Asterix's film starring great actors: Roberto Benigni, G rard Depardieu, Laetitia Casta and Christian Clavier. After the defeat of Vercingetorix, Gaul is at the foot of Rome, except for a small village of Gauls that resists the overwhelming power of the Roman garrisons ...
Asterix dvdAsterix and conquer America. During a party in their Gallic village, the magic potion that gives our heroes Asterix and Obelix supernatural strength falls into the sand. Before the druid Panoramix can make another potion, the Romans capture him and from their galley catapult him to the end of the world, thinking that the earth is flat. Asterix and Obelix leave to save the druid and end up in America, where Asterix ....
Asterix dvdAsterix and the great war. Things are not going well for Asterix and the villagers: a terrible hurricane has devastated the entire village of the immortal roosters and the chief Getafix must recover from the "confrontation" with a boulder not well addressed by the corpulent Obelix. The only remedy seems to be moving to quieter areas, where there is no risk that the "sky collapses overhead" ....
Asterix dvdAsterix and Caesar's surprise. Our Obelix falls in love with the beautiful Gallic Falbala, but despite him doing everything to court her, giving her Menhirs and showering her with compliments, Falbala turns his attention to Tragicomix, with whom he is madly in love. Tragicomix, however, does not have the courage to declare itself. One day the Romans kidnap both Falbala and Tragicomix and Asterix and Obelix set out on their trail .....
Asterix dvdAsterix and the magic potion. A cousin of Asterix who lives in Britain is in trouble as his village is surrounded by Julius Caesar's troops. The latter then desperately asks Asterix and Obelix for help, who with their irresistible strength could free his village.
Asterix dvdAsterix and Cleopatra. The usual Julius Caesar decided that the rich kingdom of Egypt must become part of the Roman possessions, but he did not reckon with the beautiful and capricious queen Cleopatra. To claim the greatness of her kingdom, the queen of the Nile has in fact decided to celebrate her people and her power with a wonderful palace. Building it in just three months is not an easy task, but things change if the two nice ones intervene ...
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