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DVD THE Ugly Duckling

dvd The ugly duckling Il brutto anatrocolo is a cartoon from Walt Disney's Silly Sinphony from 1939, which tells the famous tale of a duck giving birth to a litter of cute ducklings. Among these an egg hatches from which a duckling very different from the others emerges: it is not yellow but white and emits a strange sound. For this reason he is not frowned upon by his mother who never misses an opportunity to scold him. The poor duckling will be marginalized by everyone and will even seek comfort from a wooden toy duck, which he will mistake for his mother. His desolate cry will attract the attention of a group of small swans, just like him who will recognize him as their brother and hand him over to their mother swan, who will welcome and protect him with her large wings. So finally the duckling will have found its real mother.
Little Hiawatha is a cartoon from 1937 starring a young Hiawatha Indian, who crosses a river in his canoe to go hunting. His attempts to hit any animal with his small bow all proved unsuccessful, due to the unfamiliarity of this unlikely hunter.
However, he manages to put a bunny on the ropes, but while he is ready to shoot the arrow, he takes pity on the little animal and in the end angry breaks his bow. When Hiawatha is chased by a bear and transforms from hunter into prey, the animals of the forest will help him as a sign of thanks.

Symphony of the farm is a cartoon from 1938 and tells the quiet life of the farm animals, who begin their day with the crowing of the rooster, with the first light of dawn. The black rooster, proud and stiff like a sergeant, goes to watch all the other animals, so that all are doing their daily work and that no one continues to sleep. However his heart softens and beats with love in front of a beautiful and young white hen. While singing the serenade to the hen, all the farm animals participate in the choir creating a symphony of verses.

The old mill is a splendid cartoon from 1937 that celebrates the animals of the forest. These take refuge inside an old abandoned mill, where every animal from birds to mice, from bats to owls, are drawn and animated following their typical behavior.

Dreaming among the stars is a tender cartoon from 1938, which sees children sailing in a boat among the clouds and the stars. The little ones try to catch a few stars, but given their young age they solve funny and clumsy

The little mermaids is a cartoon from 1938 featuring a colony of Little Mermaids, who find refuge near a rock. They enjoy swimming between seahorses and octopuses, creating a real circus with sea creatures.

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