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Daltanious DVDDALTANIOUS Vol. 1

1995: Alien spaceships attacked Japan and reduced it to rubble. The thug Kento and his rival Dani are forced by the mysterious Doctor Earl to defend his space base while driving the shuttle Gumper and the anthropomorphic robot Antares. The professor actually comes from the planet Helios, invaded by Earth's own enemies, the Akron. Earl arrived on Earth in 1945 in the company of prince Harlin, of whom he lost track while he was driving the robot lion Beralios: but only Antares and Beralios, joining together, can give life to the powerful Daltanious, fundamental weapon to defeat the aliens. Finding Harlin is therefore an absolute imperative, even if the little prince could be much closer than you think The DVD contains the episodes from 1 to 4: Rebellion; Terror from the sky; The Return of Belarios; Living as a Principle

Daltanious DVDDALTANIOUS Vol. 2

With the return of Beralios, the mighty Daltanious is now complete: Dani, at the helm of the Gumper fighter, can join Kento, pilot of the robot Antares, and the same mechanical lion, to form the unbeatable and gigantic fighter capable of stopping the advance of Akron's alien forces. Doctor Earl, inventor of the three futuristic assault vehicles, able to unite with each other and give life to the great warrior robot, is actually an exile from the planet Helios, who lived the tragic experience of the invasion by the Akron . Harlin, heir to the throne of Helios, was lost on the journey that would have brought him to safety on Earth. And now, many years later, it is precisely in Kento, however recalcitrant, that Earl recognizes the cross of light that identifies him as a legitimate descendant of the empire - The DVD contains episodes from 5 to 8: The hostages; Gamerot; General Herman; Perfidai

Daltanious DVDDALTANIOUS Vol. 3

The dangerous monsters in the service of the powerful Akron generals continue to wreak havoc on Earth, thwarted only by the strength and courage of Kento and Dani, who together give life to the mighty Daltanious. The affection between the members of the group that revolves around the space base of Doctor Earl is strengthened, but perhaps it is not yet enough: this is how Jiro, angry with life for having lost his mother, rages against a more contemporary age. lucky him. In the meantime Dani, having come to a clash with a gang of thugs on motorcycles who set fire to the streets, finds himself having to face the painful memory of a father whose honor has been questioned The dvd contains the episodes from 9 al 12: In the jaws of the monster; Tragic fate; The test of fire; Sanae in danger .

Daltanious DVDDALTANIOUS Vol. 4

The earthlings, thanks to the protection of Daltanious, can finally begin to hope again, and are dedicated to the reconstruction of buildings to be used as homes. But this makes them even more vulnerable to the Akrons, who have such new targets to hit. In the midst of so much violence, the naive Tanosuke discovers a delicate feeling, which suddenly takes hold of his heart, while the affection that binds Jiro and his pig Jimmy will be severely tested by the ruthless machinations of the enemy. Meanwhile, the small and ingenious Manab restores electricity to humans, and a big party is organized for the occasion. The wicked, however, are always lurking, and have now discovered the weak point of Kento and his friends The DVD contains episodes from 13 to 16: Tanosuke falls in love; A friendship; An unforgettable party; The trap .

Daltanious DVDDALTANIOUS Vol. 5

The Akrons continue to carry out their invasion attempt, proving that they do not really stop at nothing: little Mita will pay the consequences who, together with the other school children, will be used by the evil monsters to attack Kento. Meanwhile Tanosuke falls in love to the point of being willing to give up even his own life for his beauty. Any inhabitant of the city can, in spite of himself, boast terrible memories related to the most recent events, and many transform the memory of their sense of helplessness into a grave fault attributable only to themselves, as well as an honest school teacher, who does not he finds peace from the ghosts of the past that haunt him. The DVD contains episodes from 17 to 20: The sound of the bells; Love at first sight ; The teacher ; The invasion of the starfish

Daltanious DVDDALTANIOUS Vol. 6

By now the fame of the valiant deeds of Prince Kento, descendant of the Emperor Nishimura and legitimate heir to the throne of Helios, has made the rounds of the entire galaxy, so that there are many warriors who hope to be able to fight alongside him to defeat the Akron and restore peace. Among these surely emerge Cratus, noble fighter of the planet Helios, and Kalinga, nicknamed the tiger of space . Meanwhile, Dr. Earl assigns Kento a very special tutor, Albert, the robot professor. But in an age of deception and betrayal, the group that revolves around Daltanious will find themselves having to question the intentions of anyone, even the most trusted characters, due to the Akron. The DVD contains the episodes from 21 to 24: Cratus, the warrior of space; The robot professor; The space tiger; The deception.

Daltanious DVDDALTANIOUS Vol. 7

Dani cannot accept that the memory of her father is linked to a disgraceful event, and plagued by this thought, she finds herself on the trail of a mysterious individual, who seems to have something to do with the death of his parent. Kento also has to deal with the past: in fact, this time the Akron are really determined to win, and Kloppen himself will put the young man face to face with himself and with his own fears. Following the fierce fighting, Daltanious is not in excellent condition, but it is above all the space base of Dr. Earl that has suffered from the last violent attacks of the enemy: to defend it, Kento and Dani will have no other solution than to move away from Earth to try to find and destroy the headquarters ... The DVD contains episodes from 25 to 28: Dani's forgiveness; Face to face; An insane risk; Attack on the moon .

Daltanious DVDDALTANIOUS Vol. 8

Once back on Earth, Daltanious continues to fight against the Akron robots, but his power now seems less than that of the enemy, and Dr. Earl suddenly appears determined to destroy Antares. Princess Florinda, a girl as fascinating as she is unpredictable, also appears at the base: she and her nurse Sofia begin a close courtship aimed at conquering two seemingly impregnable prey While Kalinga organizes a powerful army to be placed at the service of the heir of the Emperor Nishimura, the mega-emperor Ormen, supreme leader of the Akron, orders Kloppen to remove the mask that covers his face and to finally show his true identity ... Contains the episodes of series n. 29 - 32: Energy operation; : Princess Florinda; An important meeting; The Story of Prince Harlin

Daltanious DVDDALTANIOUS Vol. 9

Before the army led by the generals of the various planets belonging to the galaxy, gathered by Kalinga in the presence of Kento, Kloppen reveals his authentic nature and identity, and the announcement creates a great confusion among those present and not only, as it puts peoples' expectations are questionable. Kento, due to the new consideration in which it is held by many, is estranged and avoided by many, is the subject of gossip and is covertly despised even by Princess Florinda, who leaves the Earth in search of new conquests and who unfortunately will end up in trouble . But Dr. Earl will be the one who will suffer most from the situation that has arisen, torn between the loyalty due to Emperor Nishimura and his intimate sense of justice. Contains the episodes of the series n. 33 - 36: Who is Kloppen ?; The warrior's forgiveness; Betrayal; Peace Treaty

Daltanious DVDDALTANIOUS Vol. 10

The struggle for survival on Earth is becoming increasingly bitter, and human beings seem to have returned to the days of the witch hunt, when a simple suspicion was enough to have anyone sentenced to death. But in the midst of so much darkness, a glimmer of hope rekindles: apparently Prince Harlin is still alive. Will it really be him? Kento, who has no doubts about it, does not hesitate to go and look for him, challenging the attacks of his opponents. Meanwhile, the company that revolves around Dr. Earl's space base will find itself having to decide whether or not to welcome a small group of Akron who claims to have escaped from Kloppen's clutches and to have deserted. And everyone is wondering what that capsule fell from space contains, since it seems to be so dear to the enemies Contains the episodes of series n. 37 - 40: The cursed ship; Harlin Returns; The deserters; Namel's secret

Daltanious DVDDALTANIOUS Vol. 11

War is now inevitable, it is only a matter of uniting the peoples of the galaxy willing to fight under the leadership of Prince Harlin and to reach the mega-emperor Ormen in his secret refuge on the planet Zaar. The state of weakness in which the Akron find themselves can also be deduced from the spirit that animates Kloppen, apparently clearly shaken by the latest events and unable to find himself. And this uncertainty of his does not help him at all in his relationship with Ormen and with his other officers under his command. The undisputed protagonist of the events that will follow one another, Kloppen will even come to re-evaluate his own position in the conflict and the very figure of the young Kento. But will some of your choices influence the outcome of the war? Contains the episodes of the series n. 41 - 44

Daltanious DVDDALTANIOUS Vol. 12

The best generals of the Akron army, led by the mega-emperor Ormen, unleash their most powerful weapons and their most sophisticated robots to destroy Daltanious. Kento, Dani and the others defend themselves and valiantly launch their attacks, but Prince Harlin is wounded and risking his life, so he cannot be of any help to them, while the enemy seems to take over. In the midst of so many difficulties, whoever does not get discouraged and does not stop looking for a way out is little Manabu, an ingenious assistant to Dr. Earl, but a child will be able to contrast the ferocious intellect of Ormen, a mysterious creature with a marked existence. from a terrible secret? The adventures of Daltanious, with twists and turns and unexpected solutions, thus come to an end Contains the episodes of series n. 45 - 47

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