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dvd Kujaku The exorcistKUJAKU THE EXORCIST Vol. 1

An ancient statue of the Devas Guardian Ashura disappears from the Buddhist temple of Kofukuji. The abbot fears, however, that it is not a theft of art thieves. In fact, the ancient scriptures preserved in the temple tell that the spirit of a demon so powerful as to destroy Heaven was imprisoned in the statue, almost a thousand years earlier. And to solve this case, the abbot turns to a monk of the esoteric Shingon sect, a young man whose powers are already legend, and who is rumored to be the reincarnation of a deity whose name he bears: Kujaku the Shining. But Kujaku is not the only one looking for the statue, and his investigations will lead him to things that not even the ancient texts dare to mention.

dvd Kujaku The exorcistKUJAKU THE EXORCIST Vol. 2

A team of archaeologists has recovered two large chests from the bottom of Lake Biwa bearing the coat of arms of Oda Nobunaga, the great and cruel leader of the sixteenth century. But suddenly the sky darkens, and a group of figures wrapped in black appear who proclaim themselves envoys of the Demon of the Sixth Heaven. Meanwhile, on Mount Koya, in the monastery of the esoteric sect of Shingon, the seer Tsukuyomi has an ominous omen. The young exorcist Kujaku is sent to investigate. But a mysterious Chinese boy, master of extraordinary techniques, seems to have anticipated his moves. And something terrible and unmentionable, generated by a perverse religion, has begun to writhe unclean in the bowels of the earth

dvd Kujaku The exorcistKUJAKU THE EXORCIST Vol. 3

What relationship could ever exist between two mediums torn apart by invisible forces during a live television broadcast, the famous statue of Hachiko in the central square of Shibuya in Tokyo, the Seven Gods of Fortune and a legendary actress of the XNUMXs inexplicably retired in total isolation at the height of his career? A journalist is convinced that a common thread, which is lost in the thickest darkness, exists. And to prove his thesis, he asks for help from a Catholic priest, Father Takahata, and from a young Buddhist exorcist of the Shingon sect, considered the incarnation of Kujaku the Shining. But beneath the groans and twisted shapes that can be glimpsed behind a curtain hides a secret that no human without faith could face.

dvd Kujaku The exorcistKUJAKU THE EXORCIST Vol. 4

San Francisco. In the shop of a second-hand dealer in Chinatown, masked soldiers suddenly burst in, carrying the dismal and unmistakable effigy of the Nazi swastika. Tibet, 18 years earlier. A monk of the Shingon Buddhist sect flees into the mountains for refusing to kill his own children, born under a cursed sky. Bavaria. A young girl locked up in a castle is tormented by horrible visions that she cannot explain. Tokyo. Passengers on a scheduled bus turn into zombies and attack the young monk Kujaku and his friend Ashura. Something terribly ancient is manipulating the fate of men so that the world sinks into darkness

dvd Kujaku The exorcistKUJAKU THE EXORCIST Vol. 5

It is said that every man has within him a power of creation comparable to that of the Universe. Using this immense power to create the world or to destroy it is a decision left to the individual and his free will. But there is a light that will never be defeated by the shadow, and there is also a darkness that will never be redeemed by the light. As long as Light and Darkness exist, the fight will never end. And today, on the windswept peaks of the Kunlun Mountains, the Gods have returned to renew this ancient battle and all its pain

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