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DVD Casshern

Kyashan DVDKyashan the android boy. Vol. 01

In the near future where the planet Earth is ravaged by pollution, the genius Doctor Azuma develops a generation of sentient humanoid machines designed to help mankind rebuild. But his revolutionary androids turn out to be the worst nightmare of mankind: Briking, the most advanced of them, rebels against his creator, and settles in the old castle where Azuma's laboratory was once based, builds an entire army of robots with which to conquer the Earth and put human beings in slavery. It will be Tetsuya, the young son of Doctor Azuma, who offers himself as a guinea pig for a crazy experiment, letting his father transform him into a very powerful cyborg, Kyashan. Contains the episodes of the series n. 1 - 5: Kyashan the android boy; A battle in the moonlight; Kyashan, Luna's boyfriend; - Luna will fight alongside Kyashan; Kyashan does not give up ...

Kyashan DVDKyashan the android boy. Vol. 02

Briking, the leader of the rebel androids who intend to enslave humanity, continues his search for more power for himself and his, first by having a machine built that increases his energy, then forcing a human scientist to create a powerful one for him. mechanical animal, a sort of huge panther named Warugadar. Opposing his plans is always the powerful cyborg Kyashan, but ordinary human beings are also organizing resistance against robots: in a small village, faith in the legendary hero Cicero leads the inhabitants to believe that the ancient warrior be reincarnated precisely in Kyashan, to defend them. Elsewhere, men look for a reason for living in music, so much so that Kyashan and his partner Luna will find themselves foiling the onslaught of robots. Contains the episodes of the series n. 6 - 10: The sun is life for Kyashan; Cicero, the legendary hero; Warugadar; Concert for a battle; Magnetic storm in the desert ...

Kyashan DVDKyashan the android boy. Vol. 03

The advance of the robot army seems unstoppable and Kyashan has to fight not only against Briking's cruelty but also against his vanity and his cunning: a gigantic commemorative statue of the robot leader hides a terrible trap to subdue the Whole humanity. In the meantime, humans are always looking for new ways to counter the advance of the androids, but none of their attempts have any effect, neither the invention of new weapons, nor the unconditional surrender, inspired by those ideals of pacifism that robots they despise. Meanwhile, Kyashan has not yet been able to free his father and mother from imprisonment, but he finds comfort where he least expected it. Contains the episodes of the series n. 11 - 15: The statue of the devil; A train loaded with passengers of fe; The traitor; Hatenai's Great Rejection; Goopy's Revenge ...

Kyashan DVDKyashan the android boy. Vol. 04

Swanee's position becomes more difficult day by day, caught between the need to make himself trustworthy in the eyes of Briking and the desire to help Kyashan and the humans who fight against the army of robots. From time to time, only her fortitude allows her to give Kyashan the information she needs to foil the traps of the androids, one of which unexpectedly turns out to be a valuable ally. But Briking's plans quickly follow one another, even going so far as to make humans distrust each other, then using a team of special, seemingly harmless robots, which explode sowing death and destruction and sapping the morale of even the most human beings. brave. The robotic army even resorts to the system of retaliation, min. Contains the episodes of the series n. 16 - 20: Love with wings; A robot's lullaby; An elephant against robots; The terrifying robot; The giant robot ...

Kyashan DVDKyashan the android boy. Vol. 05

Kyashan's struggle takes on ever more unpredictable shades. Even his own allies risk turning into deadly dangers: to save a group of refugees, Luna must in fact give in to Briking's blackmail and reveal to him where Kyashan is hiding. But the android boy's resources are extraordinary and allow him to discover a friend in a robot who has escaped from his squadron, who will work and fight alongside humans. At the same time, Briking forces numerous men to work for him as slaves, in factories where new and more powerful androids are built. Kyashan will be able to break out of many of these workers, but he will also have to face a series of new robots specially designed to fight against him, avoiding or absorbing the power of his blows. Contains the episodes of the series n. 21 - 25: The choice of Luna; Romeo; Escape from the robot factory; The challenge of robots; Kyashan the immortal ..

Kyashan DVDKyashan the android boy. Vol. 06

Kyashan has always fought against robots, earning the affection and trust of humans. Now, however, his secret is revealed: everyone knows that he is in reality not a human being but an android, and he finds himself being despised by those he would like to defend. Only Luna stays close to him, fighting with her MC pistol and running serious dangers, so much so that Kyashan himself has to push her away from him, in an attempt to protect her. Yet it is not by fleeing or hiding that one can stay safe from robots, as a valiant tribe must also discover that takes refuge in the mountains and renounces its warrior spirit. Briking in the meantime tries in every way to annihilate Kyashan, all the more so knowing that he is an android and therefore considering him a traitor to his fellow men; to this end, he forces a famous scientist to build a fighting robot whose power can overcome Kyashan. Humans will have to learn that only with courage and determination can they defeat the robot armies - other heroes will rise up alongside Kyashan. Contains the episodes of the series n. 26 - 30: The secret of Kyashan; The missing gun; The Knights of Karlman; The all-fire robot; The great robot hunter.

Kyashan DVDKyashan the android boy. Vol. 07

Kyashan fights fiercely, but on his own he cannot stop the advance of numerous robot armies, determined to conquer the entire planet. Furthermore, now many humans no longer trust him, since they learned that he is no longer a human being, but an android. Meanwhile the robots are trying to obtain a large sample generated by a human, thus replicating the genesis of Kyashan; but, having failed this attempt, they decide to reprogram for their advantage a mighty robot named Poro, who had once been friends with Kyashan when he was still human. As Swanee risks his life too, getting involved in the war between the robotic armies and the humans determined to resist by any means, Kyashan realizes that a showdown is near. Only the release of Doctor Azuma and the destruction of all evil robots can save the Earth, but Briking prepares to do battle. Kyashan is ready for his last mission! Contains the episodes of the series n. 31 - 35: The city where cyborgs are made; Pore; Swanee the robotic swan is in danger; The ace of robots; The greatest war on planet Ter

dvd Kyashan, the mythKYASHAN, THE MYTH - In the dark years after the revolution of the neoroids, mankind had lost the dominion of the planet and its freedom, subjugated by a lineage of robots created by itself. The neoroid Braiking Boss, self-appointed lord of all robots, had waged an all-out war against the human race, forcing it to live with its face in the dust under the weight of the dominant steel. But among the nuclei of the resistance the faith in the savior who will arrive to lead men to victory against the metallic oppressor is still alive. The existence of this savior is confused in myth, and men call this myth KIASHAN. ...

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