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dvd Orphen the sorcererORPHEN THE WITCH vol. 1

In the continent of Kiesalhima, land of men, dragons and sorcerers, witchcraft reigns supreme and the most accredited school for learning to master it is the mythical Tower of the Fang. About a year ago, a sorcerer named appeared in the city of Totokanta orphan, who undoubtedly comes from that school, but who seems to have denied any link with it. Its sole purpose is to retrieve Burtanders' sword, an item that many crave to possess, including Childman, one of the most powerful sorcerers on the continent. orphan, followed by his pupil Maj c, he spends his days guarding the residence of the nobles Everlastin. Creao, the youngest daughter of the family, noticing Orphen's presence and mistaking him for a voyeur, rushes to challenge him ...! Episodes included in the series: 1) My name is Orphen, 2) The terror of the bloody August, 3) Friends, join my journey, 4) Demonic creature sleep in my garden

dvd Orphen the sorcererORPHEN THE WITCH vol. 2

Majic met a girl in the woods, but the encounter was fatal to him, captured by a group of armed men led by Batlaf, now he lies in prison wounded and alone. The village where he was taken is a hollow of dragon believers, mortal enemies of sorcerers. To carry out his plans Batlaf wants to eliminate Orphen and whoever professes himself a sorcerer, but Fiena, the priestess of the dragons, convinced of Majic's innocence, will try to oppose him. The one who boasts the most powerful fighting abilities is coming: the Deep dragon! Orphen, forced to fight him, succumbs to his overwhelming power. Episodes included in the series: 5) The priestess in the heart of the dragon, 6) Wolf howls in my woods, 7) The ruins of Burtanders, 8) The secret of the witch of Tenma...

dvd Orphen the sorcererORPHEN THE WITCH vol. 3

Alenhatam, the largest city on the Kiesalhima continent, where Orphen, under the insistence of Creao, agrees to stop. The real reason, however, is another: in fact, in this place lives Stephanie, Orphen's ex-partner and a talented scholar of ancient witchcraft. The sorcerer asked her to decipher the bewitched letters engraved on Burtanders' sword. Creao, jealous of the too `` intimate '' attitudes of the two, goes to the ruins of the Tenjin, of which the territory is rich, to demonstrate who, between her and Stephanie, has the right to be Orphen's true partner, though! 9) The partner of the ancient canal city, 10) Doll, obey my orders, 11) Reki's little adventure, 12) My friend the shrimp man...

dvd Orphen the sorcererORPHEN THE WITCH vol. 4

Looking for a clue to save Azalea, Orphen and his companions arrive at the Tower of the Fang. During the search, Orphen is assailed by memories of his past: hopes and feelings that, on a fateful day, were canceled. But the present reappears with arrogance, when the three find themselves in front of Childman: don't get in my way again, Kiriranshelo! Remember, if you do it again he will kill you with my hands! What is there under the harsh words of the grand master? Episodes included in the series: 13) Memories return to my homeland, 14) Thoughts that cannot be overcome, 15) The sorcerer under the moonlight, 16) The shrimp man again ...

dvd Orphen the sorcererORPHEN THE WITCH vol. 5

Finally in the Valley of the Mist, Orphen, Majic and Creao discover that the house of Rocks Roh is empty. All that remains for the sorcerer is to immediately start consulting his books to find something to help him save Azalea. But Roh is fighting close by with Childman, determined to seal off his old master. But is that really Childman? And will Roh's sick body endure the fatigue of a magical duel? Orphen arrives when all is done, but in time to learn the truth about Burtanders' sword ... Ep. 17 - The Secret Hidden In The Sword Ep. 18 - You Two, Give Me Back The Sword! Ep. 19 - Everyone's Thoughts Ep. 20 - The Secret Of The Color Of The Rainbow...

dvd Orphen the sorcererORPHEN THE WITCH vol. 6

Now the moment of truth has come: Stephanie can reveal to Orphen the secret hidden in the Sword of Burtanders and, consequently, the way to help Azalea. But the sorcerer's wandering seems to never end: the Tenjin crystal of knowledge has in fact lost part of the information it contained. The object to be joined to the bracelet and sword, in order to release their real power, remains mysterious. In addition, an argument with Creao accidentally projects her and Orphen into the past, where the two have the opportunity to meet the young Childman and his teacher Rocks Roh, and to discover what was the missing object: the Gem of Gigabrius ... Ep . 21 - The Sacred Vision of the Past Ep. 22 - Insecure Blue Eyes Ep. 23 - The Azalea Witch Ep. 24 - The End Of My Journey...

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