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dvd the three little pigsThe Three Little Pigs is a 1933 Silly Symphony cartoon and tells the story of Jimmy, Tommy and Timmy, three little pigs who build three different houses to defend themselves from the big bad wolf. Jimmy builds a house very quickly with straw, because he doesn't want to waste time playing on his flute. Tommy builds his house with wood logs, also very roughly, because he loves playing the violin. Timmy instead devotes himself with care and great effort to the construction of a brick house, but is mocked by his brothers who only think about having fun, while he is busy in hard work. However, he warns them of the bad wolf, which they regularly meet on their way. The latter chases them and the pigs take refuge in their respective houses. Arriving at Jimmy's house, the wolf takes a breath and in no time at all, destroys the straw house with a powerful breath. Desperate Jimmy runs to take refuge in Tommy's house. At first the wolf tries to get them out with a series of traps and disguises, but the little pigs don't fall for it and so the wolf uses the old system of his powerful breath. Tommy's house is also immediately destroyed by the powerful wind. The two brothers take refuge in Timmy's house. Although the wolf gives its maximum lung strength with a series of puffs, the sturdy brick house does not move an inch. The wolf decides to enter the fireplace, but Timmy prepares a cauldron with boiling water and so the wolf, falling into it, burns and runs away.
This cartoon sees for the first time the Disney character of The Wolf Ezekiel protagonist of many Mickey Mouse comics

The DVD also contains cartoons relating to other Silly Symphony tales: "The three blind musketeers"; "The three wolves"; "Jimmy piglet inventor"; "The three orphaned kittens"; "The funny bunnies". is not responsible for the contents, shipments and services offered by the shops listed here. Cartoni online is not a commercial site, but merely suggests articles and services regarding the world of cartoons and comics with external links.