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dvd the lion kingIn the African savannah, the lion king Mufasa is appreciated by all thanks to his correct and just way of governing, and in the meantime he works to raise his son, Prince Simba, in the best possible way, explaining that one day it will be his task to reign and dictate the law in the savannah. However, not everyone is happy with Mufasa: his brother Scar in fact cannot bear it, and therefore decides to ally himself with the hyenas in order to overthrow his brother. On a day like any other, Scar endangers little Simba's life, but warns his brother of the danger his son is in. Mufasa manages to save the lion cub, but is later betrayed by his brother Scar, who instead of helping him decides to make him fall from a cliff where he had managed to cling to take refuge from the rush of a herd of wildebeest. Thus he succeeds in killing the lion king and taking the coveted power, thus becoming a merciless dictator, who thinks only of his vanity and that of his faithful allies. Seeing his father's corpse, little Simba decides to escape from Scar's kingdom, and while wandering in the savannah he meets Timon and Pumba, who teach him to live life in joy and without any kind of thought. Years pass and Simba, having become an adult lion, grows up happily without any worries, but when the warthog Pumba finds himself in danger, after saving him, he decides to return to the lands ruled by his uncle Scar. Simba faces his uncle Scar in a spectacular fight, but the latter accidentally falls off a cliff and is eliminated by the hyenas and his loyal allies. Simba becomes the new Lion King and rules according to principles learned from his father
Dvd The Lion King 2 - Simba's Kingdom
dvd the lion king 2 - The kingdom of SimbaSimba has become the new lion king, and during his reign he gave birth to little Kiara, a bullying and carefree lioness, who never listens to what her father orders him to do. During one morning, Kiara goes out to play, and after getting rid of Timon and Pumba, who were in charge of controlling her, she meets the little lion Kovu, son of Zira and a member of the renegade lions followers of the late Scar. After recovering his daughter, Simba has a quarrel with Zira, who plans to take revenge on the Lion King and take possession of his lands, exploiting the friendship between the son and the princess. During Kiara's first hunt, Zira's followers set fire to the prairie, and having rescued Kiara, Kovu obtains permission to enter Simba's kingdom, although this does not trust the renegade lion very much. After some time, it happens that Simba is attacked by Zira's henchmen, and fearing that Kovu has betrayed him, he decides to send him away from his lands: finding himself weak and tired, Simba must face Zira and her pack, and thanks to the return of Kovu and her daughter Kiara, Zira is finally defeated. Kovu is admitted to the royal lands and Kiara ready to succeed her father in the future. The DVD contains the special contents: interactive game; in-depth sheets; curiosity; short film
Dvd The Lion King 3 - Hakuna Matata
dvd the lion king 3 - Hakuna MatataTimon is a clumsy young meerkat who fails to adapt to the lifestyle of the herd, destroying the tunnels his relatives build and distracting himself during his watch. Tired of that life, Timon decides to leave home and to live a life full of joy and carefree, and during his journey in search of happiness he meets the warthog Pumba, with whom he makes friends and decides to live in the name of joy. The two spend their days having fun, and during one of these they meet the lion Simba, who became an orphan after his uncle Scar kills his father as well as the king of the Savannah: the two carefree then decide to let Simba grow up according to their lifestyle. , so that in life the lion never has problems. The years pass in the name of tranquility, but when Pumba and Simba decide to return to the kingdom of Scar to end his dictatorship, Timon decides to remain alone, feeling betrayed by the two friends: after realizing that his behavior is wrong and that those two are the only friends he has, Timon decides to join them and thanks to a brilliant plan he manages, with the help of his family, to knock out Scar's hyenas and become a real hero.

The DVD contains the special contents: Cut scenes never seen in the cinema! Interactive game: Where's Mickey Mouse? Rafiki Timon's Challenge, Behind the Legend Virtual Safari of Timon and Pumbaa, before the start: the making of de ..., The Lion King 3 - Hakuna Matata, face hunt, Grazin 'in the Grass: music video by Raven

dvd the lion kingThe Lion King - Trilogy - This box contains the collection of the three animated films of the Lion King:

The Lion King

The Lion King II - The kingdom of Simba

The Lion King 3 - Hakuna Matata

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