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DVD 101 Dalmatians

DVD 101 DalmatiansRudy and Pongo are respectively master and bachelor dog, who in the first years of the war met the beautiful Anita and her dog Peggy. The four, after getting to know each other well, decide to go and live together. After some time, Peggy gives birth to fifteen Dalmatian puppies, making Pongo and the owners happy, but also the wicked Cruella De Mon, who decides to do everything to have the puppies, with which she would like to make a fur. Having been refused the sale of the dogs, Cruella orders her servants to kidnap the puppies, which happens successfully, and only the intervention of Pongo and Peggy and their dog friends allows the Dalmatian couple to find their children. The two dogs manage to free the puppies and also the other eighty Dalmatians captured by Cruella, who after a daring chase on the snow first, and then on the streets of London, falls together with her servants into a ravine. Rudy and Anita in the meantime manage to become rich thanks to the sales of Rudy's record, and they decide to adopt all the other Dalmatian puppies, thus buying a bigger house .... The DVD contains the extra contents: - curiosity - music video - behind the scenes (making of) - drawings and animations ...


Dvd 101 Dalmatians - Spot a hero in London
DVD 101 DalmatiansDuring the preparations for the move to the new home, Macchia, one of Peggy and Pongo's children, not feeling considered, decides to hide, being forgotten by his masters. The little dog, finding himself alone, decides to meet his hero Fulmine, and after being mocked during an audition to become his assistant, Macchia meets Fulmine, who decides to exploit the puppy's memory and to carry out a heroic enterprise, in so as to prevent his show from being canceled. Meanwhile, Cruella De Mon finds herself on the pavement and decides to hire a painter to be able to tackle her creative fury, but when the painter fails to satisfy her, she decides to kidnap the puppies again, discovering that they have moved. Thus he discovers that one of their dogs is still in the city, Pongo and Peggy, together with their respective owners, set out in search of Macchia, giving Cruella the opportunity to try again to capture the puppies. Once again, however, the woman manages to make them escape, with them getting on a bus to escape the clutches of Cruella, while she and her minions steal a van and try to chase the dogs. Arrived in the city, the puppies are saved by the little Macchia and by Fulmine, while Cruella is imprisoned in an asylum, Lampo, the dog lightning's assistant in a kennel and the painter, after having told the whole story to the newspapers, finally becomes famous , while Macchia reunites with his family. ... is not responsible for the contents, shipments and services offered by the shops listed here. Cartoni online is not a commercial site, but merely suggests articles and services regarding the world of cartoons and comics with external links.