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Dvd The Magical Fairy Tales Of Disney Princesses
dvd The magical fairy tales of the Disney PrincessesThe beloved princesses Aurora and Jasmine in two all new stories!
Cross the drawbridge, enter the splendid castle and accompany Princess Aurora on her first new adventure from the time of the beloved classic Sleeping Beauty in the Woods. Then get on the magic carpet and fly to Agrabah, where Jasmine and your favorite characters from Aladdin, the Oscar-winning masterpiece, return to enchant you with a world of exciting new adventures.
With memorable music and lovable protagonists, these new magical stories will instill great strength to believe in yourself and make you spend some real golden moments. With the Disney Princesses find out if you chase your dreams ... they can really come true!

- Aurora dresses with magic
- looking for Sahara
- Belle's music video

Dvd Stories of Disney princesses. Vol. 02. The magic of friendship
dvd Stories of Disney princesses. The magic of friendshipAn Enchanted Kingdom with Disney Princess Stories - The Magic of Friendship. The fun begins with three enchanting fairy tales that teach the importance of having true friends at heart! Join Jasmine and Ariel as they delight in adventure seekers wandering through the clouds and deep sea. Watch Snow White as she does her best to prepare a tasty dinner for her dwarf friends, aided by the witty Cub! As each of the captivating stories take on color, your little girl can meet her beloved Disney Princesses and dive with them on a series of wonderful adventures to discover that friendship is the most powerful magic ever!

Special contents: music video; interactive game

Dvd Stories of Disney princesses. A gift from the heart
dvd Stories of Disney princesses. A gift from the heartAn enchanted kingdom awaits you in the stories of Disney Princesses - a special place where your imagination reigns supreme. Every little girl can enter the world of Disney Princesses - the realm of fantasy where dreams begin, where the spell never ends and you are happy every day. The journey begins with a basket of precious stories featuring Ariel and Jasmine, and two all-new stories with Belle and Cinderella. As the stories say, your little girls will meet their favorite Disney Princesses, experience wonderful adventures and discover that when you give her a gift from the heart, magical things can happen! ...
DVD Birthday party with Disney princesses
dvd Birthday party with Disney princessesEverything you need to organize a princess party. The DVD contains: Set top game, Ariel's object hunt, Dress up the princess, Jasmine tells, Sleeping Beauty's spell, Princesses personality, Cinderella's tiara, Snow White follows the princess, Bonus for DVD-ROM , English subtitles for the hearing impaired. ...
DVD Party with Disney princesses. Vol. 02. Princesses for a day
dvd Party with Disney princessesLet the spell begin with the Disney Princess party! It is so much fun that the magic could last beyond the stroke of midnight! Everyone loves parties, especially those where all of your child's favorite Disney Princesses are involved in the game. The guest list could only include your little "Sleeping Beauty" or a castle crowded with her friends, so your little girl can have fun at any time, alone or in company with this captivating DVD full of animated stories, interactive games, creative activities and more, plus an entire section dedicated to delicious recipes and other surprises. Disney Princess Party - Princess for a day, will help your little princess find magic in every moment with laughter, fun and sweet dreams come true!

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