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dvd Lilo and StitchSet in Hawaii, Lilo & Stitch is a 2002 Walt Disney animated film. The story is that of the particular friendship that is established between Lilo, an orphaned Hawaiian girl who lives with her sister Nani, and Stitch, a strange animal who the little one adopts believing it is a dog. But Stitch is actually an alien, and more precisely the genetic experiment 626, who arrived on Earth after escaping capture by the Galactic Federation, which has already arrested its creator, the scientist Jumba Jookiba. In theory Stitch has been designed with the aim of bringing chaos and indiscriminate destruction, but it will be thanks to Lilo's love and the fantastic relationship that the two little protagonists will be able to build that his nature will undergo a clear reversal. When the true identity of Stitch comes to the surface, the two little protagonists will live intense adventures: at first it will be Lilo who is captured, then it will be Stitch's turn to return to his space prison. But in the end, their friendship will triumph, and Lilo will be able to build, together with her sister Nani, Stitch and her new friends, a new family, what in Hawaiian culture is called ohana.

Contains special content: interactive content; behind the scenes (making of); music video; drawings and animations; unpublished scenes; trailers ...

Lilo and Stitch 2: what a mess, Stitch!

DVD Lilo and stitchSecond sequel taken from Lilo & Stitch, Lilo & Stitch 2 What a disaster Stitch !, Disney cartoon, is from 2005. In chronological order, however, the episode told in this film is prior to that of Try it again, Stitch !, released in 2003. In Hawaii, a few weeks after Stitch's arrival, the little extraterrestrial helps his great friend Lilo organize a hula competition. Together with them we find once again Lilo's older sister, Nani, but also the scientist Jumba Jookiba and the former federal agent Pleakley, who have now gone over to the side of good. The character around which the story revolves is precisely the little alien Stitch: in fact he will need the help of his friends since, due to a genetic anomaly, experiment 626 is not able to choose between the good and evil. But the happy ending will triumph and, in the film's finale, Stitch, Lilo and her sister Nani will find themselves admiring the beautiful starry sky and thinking about their mom.

Original title: Lilo & Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch
Regia: Michael LaBash; Anthony Leondis
Country: United States
Year: 2005
Number of discs: 1

Production: Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2005

Technical data: 68 minutes

Leroy & Stitch

DVD Lilo and stitchLeroy & Stitch, from 2006, is the fourth Disney animated film that tells the adventures of the alien Stitch and his little friend Lilo. Experiment 626, the name of Stitch's alien identity, returns to space where, as a reward for being able to save all the other experiments from the evil clutches of Captain Gantu and Doctor Jacq Von Hamsterviel, he is put in charge of the galactic army together to his friends, scientist Jumba Jookiba and former federal agent Pleakley. But a new adventure awaits them. In fact, Dr. Hamsterviel, after escaping from prison, forces Jumba to create Leroy, Stitch's evil twin, who will then be cloned in hundreds of other copies. These new ones will be destined to give life to a very bad army. Having discovered Hamsterviel's intentions, even the little human Lilo will leave for space and, after having sought and reunited Stitch's good cousins, all together will return to Earth, where, joining their forces, they will be busy fighting against Leroy and his clones ..

Country, Year United States, 2006
Regia Tony Craig; Robert Gannaway
Number of discs 1
Production Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2007
Technical data 80 min.
Contents short film; interactive game

Try Stitch again!

dvd Try Stitch againFirst spin-off of the Disney cartoon Lilo & Stitch, released in 2003 on home video. The adventures of the two little friends continue in the splendid Hawaiian setting, where the extraterrestrial Stitch, with a thousand difficulties, is trying to integrate and be accepted by the members of Lilo's large family, the ohana, thanks also to the help of the now good friends. friends Pleaky and Jumba, who have gone over to the side of good and who live permanently on Earth, together with them. Meanwhile, the other 625 genetic experiments that the scientist Jumba Jookiba had created also land on the planet from space. Among them there are very funny characters, such as experiment 221, which has the ability to generate energy and for this reason will cause numerous blackouts on the island, and experiment 625, unable to do anything, but that in compensation is able to prepare excellent sandwiches. The newcomers will soon bring havoc in Stitch's now human life, and will be the protagonists of a new adventure, which will see Lilo and Stitch committed to saving the alien cousins ​​from the clutches of Captain Gantu, who would like to bring the experiments back to space to deliver them. to Dr. Jacq Von Hamsterviel, the former partner of Jumba for whom he works ..

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