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DVD Manny Handyman
DVD Manny Handyman - Fix it greatDVD Manny Handyman. Adjust great!
Five episodes of the Manny Handyman cartoon series, which stars the children's most beloved handyman, busy repairing everything in the imaginary town of Sheetrock Hills. Accompanying little Manny in his exploits, his inseparable toolbox, all rigorously animated: the awkward Pim hammer, the not very delicate tooth saw, the funny Strizza pliers, the ambitious Phillip screwdriver, the parrot wrench a little 'cowardly Becco, the perfectionist Scatto tape measure, the Brilla torch and the grouchy Vito screwdriver.
In Manny to the Rescue Manny Handyman and his toolbox, working together will solve any problem. In Philip strikes the protagonist will be the most ambitious Phillips screwdriver on TV, while in the episode The Great Idea of ​​Pim Manny's hammer will be able to solve a problem by finding the right solution. In Beak Goes to the Rescue, the animated parrot key will help his friends repair the castle by overcoming his fear of vertigo. And in Dente be a detective, the funniest saw on TV will solve the mystery of the dryer that makes socks disappear.

DVD Manny Handyman - Manny and the great raceDvd Handy Manny. Manny and the big race
Three episodes of Manny Handyman, which will see Manny and his toolbox busy as always to complete their tasks thanks to teamwork. The rabbit in the cellar, Eddie's scooter and above all Manny and the big race, an episode in which the handyman most loved by children will have to transform an old carcass into a racing car. With the help of his friend Elliot and his inseparable toolbox, all rigorously animated - the awkward Pim hammer, the not-so-delicate tooth saw, the funny Squeeze pliers, the ambitious Phillip Phillips screwdriver, the parrot wrench a little cowardly Becco, the perfectionist Scatto tape measure, the Brilla torch and the grumpy screwdriver Vito - Manny will be able to complete his mission and be the first to cross the finish line.
DVD Manny Handyman - Manny's motorcycle adventureDVD Manny Handyman. Manny's motorcycle adventure
Lots of adventures and fun guaranteed in the feature film Manny's Motorcycle Adventure. Destination family fun is the watchword for Manny and his gear. Manny's family has indeed decided to reunite, but something stands in the way of the Handyman's plans. The handyman must first fulfill his mission: to save Pat, in search of his family. An exciting motorcycle trip, with the wind in your hair and to the tune of brand new songs: this will be the adventure that Manny and his friends will live. But will the Handyman make it to his family reunion in time? It will be a real race against time!
DVD Manny Handyman - Birthday partyDVD Manny Handyman. Birthday party
In Birthday Party we find six episodes that will see Handy Manny and his fantastic toolbox busy with the theme of the party. In La festa della Pignatta, the Squeeze pliers and the Beak parrot wrench will compete to break the piñata, but they will learn a very important lesson about respect. In the episode titled May XNUMXth, Manny and his friends will help Mrs Portillo prepare for the Mexican Cinco de Mayo party. The best fix everything will see Manny and his magical tools grapple with another fantastic adventure, and in Happy Birthday Mr. Lopart Manny, along with his inseparable animated friends and Mrs. Porterman, will prepare a fantastic birthday party for Mr. Lopart, the owner of the sweet shops.
But here comes Manny's birthday too. In The party for fifteen years and The party dress all invited to a fantastic party, to celebrate the most beloved handsy man by children and to wish Manny and his friends Happy Birthday!
DVD Manny Handyman - Manny and the puppiesDVD Manny Handyman. Manny and the puppies
Animals are the protagonists of the Manny and the puppies episodes. We will see Manny busy solving other problems, along with his magical toolbox, in The Promise of Squeeze, Ronaldo's Pretzel Castle, To the aid of a mole. Bringing home safely the pets that got lost on the streets of the fictional city of Sheetrock Hills - that's the mission of Handyman Manny in Pets What a Problem! While in Cat Sitter a kitten needs a new home: Manny and his friends will find a solution! Working together, the team will be able to carry out their tasks, and since the animals are the protagonists of these episodes, they will have to use all their wits to attract their attention!

DVD Manny Tuttofare - A very special partyManny Handyman. A very special party

Get ready to roll up your sleeves this Christmas and get to work with Handy Manny's talking tools. Over the course of the holiday season, the Tools are eager to take part in Kelly's Winter Party. Unfortunately they are called for a series of works to be done at the last minute throughout the city, it seems that the party is over before it even starts! It will take an authentic miracle in the old way to reveal to the Tools that helping others is the best gift. Packed with songs, surprises and fun for the whole family, this heartwarming celebration of the magic of Christmas will make you smile all year round!

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