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In the heart of the jungle, Tarzan, a human cub, is adopted by a gorilla family who treat him as one of them. Together with the effervescent friend Terk and the funny elephant Tantor, Tarzan learns to swing in the trees and survive in the animal kingdom. Tarzan's life flows calmly and calmly until the arrival of civilized humans, who force the king of the jungle to make a painful decision: to follow the humans and the beautiful Jane or to stay with the gorilla family he loves. The DVD contains the special contents: unedited scenes; alternative start; music video; interactive game; technical comments; behind the scenes (making of); character sheets ..


Before becoming the King of the Jungle, Tarzan he was a clumsy kid looking for his identity. By making a mistake, Tarzan puts his family in serious danger and, to try to solve the troubles caused, he decides to leave forever. His courageous and adventurous journey into the unknown leads him to meet the mysterious Zugor, true force of nature, and together they will discover that diversity is not a weakness and that family and friends are the greatest strength.

The DVD contains the special contents: behind the scenes (making of); interactive game ..

Tarzan and Jane dvdTARZAN & JANE

The legend of Tarzan continue with new adventures in the jungle. Tarzan and Jane celebrate their first year together, surrounded by all their friends. A film full of joy and emotion, with all the most loved characters of the classic and a fantastic soundtrack with a new version of Phil Collins' song "Two worlds, one family" ..
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