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DVD the beauty and the beastThe film tells the story of a young prince who, refusing to host an old sorceress, who is mocked for her appearance, is transformed into a beast and his servants into furniture, explaining to him that if the rose should lose all its petals and he should it not be loved, it will remain forever in that form. The prince, who has become even more grumpy than before due to his transformation, decides to imprison the inventor of the village when he takes refuge in his castle after being lost in the woods, deciding to let him free when the daughter of the inventor Belle decides to swapping places with his father. After a not so happy beginning, the relationship between the young woman and the prince improves, especially after he saves her life in the woods: Belle spends happy days with the prince, but feeling the absence of her father she decides, with the permission of the prince himself , to visit him in the village. Back home, Belle is joined by Gaston, who pits the crowd against the beast, with whom he has a hard fight, where after mortally wounding her, Gaston loses his life. Only the arrival of Belle, and the confession of her love, will be able to save the beast, which returns human as well as all the rest of its servants.

Original title: Beauty and the Beast
Country: United States
Year: 1991
Directed by: Gary Trousdale; Kirk Wise
Production: Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2010
Duration: 90 min.
Extras: behind the scenes; technical comments; unpublished scenes in the original language; music video; interactive game

dvd beauty and the beastBeauty and the Beast - A magical Christmas -

Belle is enthusiastic about the Christmas party, and decides to organize a party for the beast, but her idea is strongly criticized by Angelique, who explains that it would be better not to organize any party, since Christmas coincides with the transformation of the prince. in the beast. Belle then decides to change her mind, but is convinced by Forte, an organ that before the transformation was the master of the court, to bring the largest pine tree in the forest to the castle, as this could convince the beast to celebrate Christmas. Belle, however, is unable to cut the tree, and falls into the frozen lake of the woods, being saved by the beast, who decides to imprison her as she discovers that the young woman was organizing the celebrations for Christmas. After having imprisoned her, the beast finds the Christmas gift that Belle gave him, and taken by pangs of conscience, he decides to celebrate Christmas but Forte, furious as ever, uses the power of the organ pipes to bring down the castle of the beast, who following the suggestion of the Fife flute, manages to defeat the former court master and to celebrate his first Christmas together with Belle and her faithful servants. ...

dvd beauty and the beastBeauty and the Beast - Special Edition - In addition to the film, this special edition contains: Maurice's workshop game, Sing with Us with all the songs, Audio commentary from the filmmakers for the duration of the film, Making of Beauty and the Beast, Mrs. Bric, Behind the Scenes of ... Beauty and the Beast, Chicco's Menu, Disney Tockins & Lumiere Animation, Development, Story, Music, Characters, Characters Art Gallery, Production Design, Animation , Tricks of the Trade, Cinematic Launch and Commentary, Trailer and TV Spot, The Broadway Musical ... is not responsible for the contents, shipments and services offered by the shops listed here. Cartoni online is not a commercial site, but merely suggests articles and services regarding the world of cartoons and comics with external links.