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Toy Story DVDTOY STORY - The world of toys

Woody is little Andy's favorite cowboy toy, who enjoys playing with him day and night. On his birthday, however, the other toys think that one of them will be replaced forever, which does not scare Woody at all, who tries to reassure his friends: it happens, however, that after opening his mother's gift, Andy find the Buzz Lightyear puppet, a puppet that represents a super-equipped space ranger with a laser light, a toy that will become Andy's favorite, who will play less and less with Woody. The cowboy then begins to be jealous, and after a series of arguments with Buzz, who doesn't realize he's just a toy, Woody accidentally knocks him off the balcony. The other toys begin to fear that Woody wants to eliminate his opponent: the two toys continue the fight even in the trunk of Andy's mother's car, and after falling on the street and reaching Andy in the pizzeria, the two end up in the hands of Sid, who catches them in a pizza machine to fish puppets, then takes them to his house. Sid is a violent child who enjoys destroying toys, so Woody and Buzz fear the worst: as if that weren't enough, Buzz realizes he is just a toy and gets demoralized. Fortunately, after convincing Sid's games to rebel, and clearing up with Buzz, Woody devises a plan that allows him to escape with Buzz from Sid's hands, scaring the hell out of him, and get to Andy's moving van where they are. also present all the other toys.
Extra contents: - behind the scenes (making of) - unedited scenes in original language - music video ...

Toy Story DVDTOY STORY II - Woody and Buzz to the rescue

Woody and Buzz have now become friends, so the toy cowboy prepares to leave with Andy for summer camp, but after breaking his arm, Andy decides to leave him at home to avoid breaking it completely, with Woody thinking its time. is now over. Woody, during Andy's absence, knows an old toy of Andy, which is offered for sale by the child's mother, who sets up a flea market: to save his new friend, Woody is stolen by the collector Al, and Buzz's attempt to save the cowboy is useless, who will discover that he was the star of an old TV show and to be worth a lot of money, and also in Al's attic he meets the horse Bullseye, the cowgirl Jesse and the researcher golden Pete. Meanwhile, Buzz and the other toys go in search of Woody, discovering that Al works in a toy store, and after tracing him, the toys follow Al to his house, but with a different Buzz: the ranger in fact, after having wrestled with another self, he is exchanged and packaged by his double, who escapes with Andy's toys. The original Buzz, however, manages to free himself and reach his toy friends, while the Buzz from the shop, after a fight with Emperor Zurg, decides to follow him and spend time with him, as he discovers that the other one is not. that his father: having reached Woody, the toys are sent away by Pete, who would like to end up in the museum and not in a normal house, as he knows he is worth a lot and everyone could admire him. Woody asks for help from his faithful friends who, after driving a pizza van, reach Woody at the airport, and after a fight with Pete (who will end up in the hands of a little girl), they return home and await the return of Andy from summer camp, who sees the new toys and enjoys using them.

Dvd Toy Story 3 - The great escapeDVD TOY STORY 3 - The great escape

Original title: Toy Story 3
Country: United States
Year: 2010
Directed by: Lee Unkrich
Production: Buena Vista Home Entertainment, 2010
Duration: 90 minutes
Extras: technical comments; documentary; short film; behind the scenes

Several years have passed, and Andy is now a seventeen year old boy ready for college: before leaving, however, he decides to put his old toys in the attic, but after a misunderstanding with his mother, the toys end up in the sack. garbage. After being able to free themselves, the group led by Buzz has an argument with Woody, who is convinced that it is better for them to go to the kindergarten where there are children ready to play with him. Arriving at the kindergarten, the toys, after a long day, meet the bear Lotso and the other toys, while Woody, after a fight with Buzz and the others, decides to escape from kindergarten. After getting entangled in a tree, he is found and brought home by the daughter of a kindergarten teacher. At the house of the child Woody meets Chuckles, who explains to Woody that Lotso has become bad because after being forgotten in the park by the child, he was immediately replaced with another puppet: worried about his friends, Woody decides to go back to kindergarten. but a reset Buzz lines up on Lotso's side, who ends up with Woody and the other toys in the garbage can where Buzz, crushed by a television, returns to normal. In the garbage dump, the toys are betrayed by Lotso and end up in the incinerator, where they are miraculously saved by the alien children of the Potato spouses: back home, the toys understand that their time with Andy is over, and they write a note where they advise to be given to the kindergarten child and Andy, after introducing them to the child, playing with her and reluctantly giving him Woody too, greets his childhood mates and walks towards college, with a Woody who, even if sad, he greets his old owner and gets ready to play with the child. .

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