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DVD Trilli 4 DVD box setTinker Bell - The 3 Movies + The Games of the Enchanted Glade (Box 4 dvd)

Tinker Bell and the games of the enchanted clearing - Tinker Bell and the other fairies present in the enchanted clearing in Neverland, compete against each other in a series of sports competitions similar to our Olympics. There are several competitions that are staged and above all they are based on the ability to know how to best use the magic that the various fairies have. The competition becomes more and more exciting when the garden fairies team try to beat Tinker Bell and her friends .....Buy online >>

DVD TrilliDVD Tinker Bell

In the enchanted world of the island that does not exist, a small and beautiful fairy called Tinker Bell is born, with blond hair and blue eyes like the sea. After the first years of life she manages to understand that the precious gift that mother nature gave her is to be able to fix any object she wants. A truly important gift which, however, does not fully satisfy her, since her greatest desire is to get in touch with the World of humans and make sure that the season of spring, which has been missing for too long, can arrive in it. Something that unfortunately she is not allowed. Despite this, she does not lose heart and on the contrary tries to make her dream come true with every possible stratagem starting from asking the help of other fairies up to convincing the Fairy Queen in granting her the much desired permission to go down on earth. Trilli's talent in being able to fix everything will be essential to bring spring back. ...Buy online >>

Tinker Bell and the great rescueDVD Tinker Bell and the Great Rescue

Tinker Bell together with the other fairies including Vidia are found in the human world to bring the good season, that is summer, to arrive. They are allowed to stay on Earth, but they absolutely cannot have contact with humans. While they are about to prepare everything necessary for the change of season to materialize, Tinker Bell is intrigued by the passage of a car inside which there is a little girl named Lizzy with her dad. Lizzy is a very good girl, who has a certain sympathy towards the world of fairies, so much so that in the garden of her house, on a tree she has built a sort of house where one day she hopes to welcome them. Despite Vidia's dissuasion, Trilli follows the car and once she enters Lizzy's little house she remains practically imprisoned. Vidia returns to the other fairies to organize an expedition to retrieve it, but the rain does not allow them to fly. Meanwhile, Tinker Bell and Lizzy get to know each other and become very good friends. The problem arises when Lizzy's father, a well-known scientist and always convinced that fairies do not exist, comes across Tinker Bell. He tries to capture her but in the chaos he ends up imprisoning Vidia. In a hurry, the scientist gets in the car to take away to an important laboratory to prove the existence of fairies. The only salvation for Tinker Bell and Lizzi is to make a big rescue ....Buy online >>

DVD Trilli and the lost treasureDVD Trilli and the lost treasure

In the enchanted gathering, every year before the arrival of autumn, a fairy must take turns molding a scepter using a stone with extraordinary powers called the Moonstone. The scepter is essential for the enchanted gathering, as it is able to feed the tree of magical dust. This year the task has been assigned to Tinker Bell who obviously is very flattered by it. To make the most of this delicate construction, he decides to avail himself of the support of his best friend, namely the elf Terence. Unfortunately, things do not go as they should and for a series of reasons not only is the scepter not actually produced, but the two friends manage to break the precious Moonstone. In short, a problem of no small importance, so much so that Tinker Bell takes it with some emphasis on poor Terence. That same evening convinced by another friend, she goes to the theater to attend a show in which we talk about a magical mirror capable of fulfilling three wishes. Of these three, according to legend, two have already been fulfilled. Tinker Bell takes the opportunity by launching into the dangerous adventure to retrieve the mirror and then fix the Moonstone...Buy online >>

DVD Trilli and the secret of the fairiesDVD Trilli and the secret of wings

One day Tinker Bell while playing with her friend, Diana runs into the so-called frontier and that is the imaginary dividing line between two seasons. In this case, Tinker Bell is in front of the border that divides winter from summer and, taken by curiosity, decides to overcome it. To his amazement he realizes that his wings take on a kind of sparkle. Returning back, she decides to investigate the question by going to the large library which contains books that explain all the secrets of the fairy world. Unfortunately, the entire chapter dedicated to the sparkle of the wings is missing in the volume dedicated to the wings. for it has been torn apart. Trilli decides to go to the headquarters of the so-called Keeper of knowledge, which is located within the winter season. The long journey does not scare the little fairy, who after various adventures arrives at her destination. Here Trilli from the mouth of the Keeper of knowledge, she is made aware of a truly amazing news for her and that is that she has a fairy sister and who is called Pervinca ....Buy online >>

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