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Video Game

Disney Enchanted video games: as if by magic for Nintendo DSDisney Enchanted: as if by magic (For Nintendo DS)

Production: Disney Interactive
Sideboard: NintendoDS
Release year: 2007
For years: from 7 years old
Gender: Action

In the Nintendo DS video game you can relive the emotions of the film As if by magic with both traditional animation and Live Action scenes. Princess Giselle from the world of Andalasia fairy tales falls into a well that is actually a dimensional gap, which takes her into the real world and precisely, in the New York of our days, where between traffic and frenetic people, she is taken for a nut. The video game includes over 7 episodes, which retrace the history of the film where you will have the opportunity to take on the role of Giselle, Prince Edward or Pip.

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