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Video games of the Lion KingThe Lion King Take me home (For Personal Computer)

PRODUCTION: Disney Games
Sideboard: Personal Computer
For years: from 3 years old
Gender: Card games and society

This PC video game features the cute friends of the Lion King, Timon and Pumbaa, who will have the arduous task, entrusted to them by the rhino Gossangoa, of saving the animals of the savannah. The aim of the game will be to search for the animals escaped from the savannah, due to the evil lion Scar. Later Timon and Pumbaa will have to pick them up and lead them back into the protection of the Lands of the Pack. In the course of the fun events, Timon and Pumbaa will explore the lands of the savannah, in which they will have to cross 7 zones and test themselves with ten challenges. Fortunately, they will have the opportunity to receive many bonuses and rich surprises. The game is made with spectacular three-dimensional graphics, which reflect the style of the drawings of the Disney animated film. Good dubbing and the soundtrack of the film. You will have two game modes and two difficulty levels. To pass the more difficult level, the player will have to correctly answer the questions in the questionnaire, which will talk about 7 animals. In the adventure option, once the activities are finished, the player can win other bonuses, based on his score.

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