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A new game mode and a fully customizable world will allow players to use their imagination to bring toys to life

On the occasion of the arrival, on July 7th of the highly anticipated 3D movie Toy Story 3 - The Great Escape, the Walt Disney Company launches the videogame Toy Story 25 The Great Escape on June 3th. Developed for the most popular platforms, the video game will feature an innovative and fun approach to the fantastic world of Toy Story and as in the film, humor and action will be at the center of everything. Mary Beech - General Manager and Vice President of Franchise Development and Marketing for Disney Consumer Products - revealed at the Toy Fair in New York that thanks to Toy Story 3: The Great Escape, it will be possible to relive both the adventures narrated in the film, and discover a new gameplay featuring an open game mode designed especially for children.

“One of the main and most innovative features of this video game from Disney Interactive Studios,” said Beech, “is the Toy Box mode, an infinite virtual box that players can draw from. Thanks to the open game mode, players will be transported into a world made of toys, and will have the opportunity to create an absolutely unique story because they are entirely built and customizable ".

The development studio, Avalanche Software, worked closely with Pixar to create a gaming experience in line with the world of Toy Story, able to free the imagination and guarantee absolute fun.

“Toy Story 3: The Great Escape is based on an intuition shared by all: imagination is what truly makes toys come alive,” said John Blackburn, vice president and general manager of Avalanche Software. “Toy Box mode reminds us of our childhood hours spent playing and that's where we started taking our first steps as a game designer. With this video game we want to encourage and reward everyone's imagination ”.

Designed to replicate the experience of imagining fantastic worlds as children with toys, Toy Box mode brings together cowboys, space rangers, dinosaurs and little green aliens to create adventures that can only be brought to life by children's imaginations. Families and the youngest fans of the Toy Story world will be able to immerse themselves in Andy's toy box, creating ever new stories and adventures with their imagination.

"With Toy Story 3: The Great Escape, you will be able to experience multiple gaming experiences and have fun in the fantastic universe of Toy Story," said Craig Relyea, Senior Vice President of Global Marketing at Disney Interactive Studios. "It will be possible to experience two modes: the story mode, which follows the adventure of the film, and the Toy Box mode which allows you to fully experience the charm of the games, the real stars of Toy Story 3".

The story mode video game follows the story of the movie in which Buzz, Woody and the other toys face an uncertain future as Andy prepares for college. In the Toy Box version, on the other hand, the toys are placed in a context completely unrelated to the dynamics of the film (for example Buzz becomes the protagonist of a video game with laser fights). Finally, the portable version will allow all players to always carry the protagonists of the world of Toy Story 3 with them.

Toy Story 3: The Great Escape will be available on June 25, 2010 for Wii ™, PlayStation®3, Xbox 360®, PC, Nintendo DS ™ and PSP®.

In addition, Disney Interactive Studios is developing a new Toy Story 3 application for both iPhone® and iPod Touch® that will allow all fans to play and enjoy Toy Story. Thanks to content such as trailers, a countdown clock, pills on the film, and various games and activities, the Toy Story 3 application will allow fans to always stay in touch with their favorite characters, experience their story and always have news. updated. In addition, the application will allow access to exclusive promotions, such as games and the new update of the Toy Story Mania! Application.

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