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19 December 2017
Bakugan - New series for 2018

The new Bakugan series is scheduled for 2018 ...
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30 November 2017
Neo Yokio on Netflix

The trailer of the anime Neo Yokio from September 22 on Netflix ...
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September 13, 2017
Mary and the Witch Flower was made with OpenToonz

The anime Mary and the flower of the witch was made with the free animation software OpenToonz ...
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26 August 2017
iQiyi presents 7 animation projects

The Chinese giant VOD iQiyi presents 7 projects for cartoons .. continue >>
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August 22th, 2017
No Game No Life Zero

No Game No Life Zero presented at the Los Angeles Anime Film Festival ...
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16 August 2017
Lost Song on Netflix

The fantasy anime nuofo from 2018 on Netflix ...
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04 August 2017
Mary and the flower of the witch

GKIDS will distribute Mary and the Witch's Flower 'in North America ...
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03 August 2017
The Knights of the Zodiac on Netflix
Netflix announces the CG animated series of The Knights of the Zodiac: Saint Seiya Remake Anime ...
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02 August 2017
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