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20 December 2017
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19 December 2017
1001 Nights

The animated series will debut in December on Vme Kids ....
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29 November 2017
The adventures of Kid Danger
The animated series coming soon on Nickelodeon ....
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22 November 2017
Mini puppies in China
The Mini Puppies series lands in China ....
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5 November 2017
Preview Ducktales
Saturday 4th November at Alice in the city ....
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31 October 2017
Halloween on Boing

Tuesday 31 October from 19.00 ....
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17 October 2017
New Xilam cartoons on DeaKids

Acquired over 230 episodes from De Agostini ...
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October 04, 2017
Vera and the Rainbow Kingdom

Season 3 is also underway ...
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October 04, 2017
The Super 4 of Mama K

The new cartoon series produced in South Africa ... continue >>
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15 September 2017
Marvel will launch Super Hero Adventures

His first preschool multiplatform .. continue >>
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14 September 2017
iQiyi presents 7 animation projects

The Chinese giant VOD iQiyi presents 7 projects for cartoons .. continue >>
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August 22th, 2017
The news for September on Boing

The cartoon programming on Boing in September .. continue >>
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August 22th, 2017
Cher sings "Ooga Boo"

The famous pop star Expensive sang with Chercophonie in the cartoon "Home - the adventures of Tip and Oh" ...
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18 August 2017
Mini-Beat Power Rockers

The new musical TV series will debut in Latin America on August 28 ...
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17 August 2017

The new fantasy series from August 28 Nickelodeon ...
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07 August 2017
Sunny day

The new preschool series from 21 August on Nickelodeon ...
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05 August 2017
'Next Door Spy' will open on the 31st Cinekid Festival

Next Door Spy tells the story of Agathe-Christine at the age of ten ...
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03 August 2017
Nomination Emmy Award 2017

The list of nominations for the animation category at the 2017 Emmy Awards ...
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02 August 2017
Prince Ivandoe

Cartoon Network EMEA chooses the first Danish series, 'Prince Ivandoe' ...
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02 August 2017
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