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300 The Frank Miller comicThree hundred

Authors: Frank Miller; Varley Lynn
Year: 2006

Data: 88 illustrated pages
Editor: Magic Press

A hard story, a tight narrative that is well suited to the merciless military epic, which constituted the greatness of Sparta. We are in 480 BC and a handful of heroes march towards the Persian enemy ready to subdue Greece, a land of freedom and reason. The warriors are the terrible Spartans, the other side of Greece, the Doric people. Xerxes wants to bend the honor of Sparta: imperialism against the stubborn warrior epic, against honor, against virile strength. Leonidas, the Spartan king, leads three hundred brave men, nothing in front of the Persian army but it is not the number that makes the difference, it is the determination, the tactical superiority, the conformation of the known and exploited territory. A beautiful comic, a compelling graphic novel that unfolds in a composition of lively tables, in a creative use of the framing. Contains the entire epic saga of Frank Miller, now also on the big screen ...

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