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Bad CompanyBad Company - The adventures of the young GTO

Author: Toru Fujisawa
Year: 2007

Data: 256 b / w pages
Editor: Dynit

Of the manga, composed of a single self-contained volume, the protagonist is still Eikichi Onizuka, this time a teenager and unrecognizable compared to the light-hearted protagonist of GTO, playing the role of a problematic and violent boy, a young thug with a cold look, to the point of being nicknamed - also by virtue of his surname, oni: demon. It is when Ryuji Danma - his historical friend in GTO - moves to a new school that the two meet, and not even Ryuji is a quiet character: an introverted and grumpy biker, he finds in Eikichi bread for his teeth, until the disagreements and the rivalry between the two, which leads them almost to massacre to establish who is the strongest, are transformed into a bond of complicity and friendship. Fights, blood, car and motorcycle races are wasted, but the climate is softened by the presence of the beautiful Sakura Yamato, more often than not mild, but still a street girl who does not disdain fights. Although Sakura is the one who approaches him to join the Onizuka gang, Ryuji falls in love with Natsuki, who is however subject to her current partner, who has few qualms about mistreating her. When someone grabs a knife, the situation falls into tragedy ...

1997 Toru Fujisawa All rights reserved. First published in Japan in 1997 by Kodansha Ltd., Tokyo Italian publication rights arranged through Kodansha Ltd. 2005 Dynit Srl, A