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Batticuore UnknownBeating Heart Unknown (Kaco Mitsuki) (Single Volume)

Due to the relocation of her family, Chitose is forced to change schools. In the new school he meets, after a long time, Hi, his childhood friend who, in the meantime, has become a teacher! It seems that her whole body depends on the beating of her heart, and that her breath is about to fail ... This heartbeat is certainly the beginning of Chitose's first love!

Directly from the pages of the increasingly surprising Betsucomi magazine, published in Japan by Shogakukan, comes to Italy Mitsuki Kaco, a young emerging author with great potential, and characterized by a fresh and very pleasant graphic style that can be considered an ideal meeting point between the irreverent Yokoyama Mayumi and the sweet Maki Usami!
192 pp. B / W and color