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Bugs Bunny booksBugs Bunny and Lola in ... Carrots and songs

That plague of Sylvester broke a very precious record that Granny Granny liked so much. Now we have to find him another one, but it's not that simple .., because no record store has it. The only thing is to be catapulted into the fabulous sixties, when the song was created. Bugs Bunny and her friend Lola take care of it. But will the two clever ones manage to find the mysterious band Le Patate Mashed? And will they make it to the big Rock Festival at McTaddey's Farm in time? Age of reading: from 8 years..

Bugs Bunny booksBugs Bunny and Willy the coyote in ... The scrap robot. Looney Tunes

Willy the Coyote wants to present his latest creation, the Megarobot, at the inventor contest to be held at a convention in Tokyo. But to be in Japan "last Wednesday" the only solution is to use the Time-Spacing Machine. And indeed ... Too bad that with his ramshackle robot you risk razing the city! Will Bugs Bunny be able to stop him and avoid disaster? Age of reading: from 8 years...

Bugs Bunny booksBugs Bunny. Rabbits & nuggets. The most beautiful comic stories

In this volume Bugs Bunny will be struggling with friends and enemies of all time and with the most comically known situations: the hilarious bickering with Daffy Duck, Taddeo 's daring pursuits, the disastrous incursions of Taz, the innocent cruelties of Tweety and the clumsy ambushes of Silvestro, the impregnable Beep Beep and the tireless Willy the Coyote. Age of reading: from 8 years...

Tweety booksTweety and Bugs Bunny in ... carrots and cannons

Author Weyn Suzanne
Data 92 p., Ill., Paperback
Year 2006
Editor Mondadori
Necklace Crazy adventures

One of Grandma Granny's precious silver spoons has been lost! Tweety and Bugs Bunny, with the Time-Spacing Machine, return to Boston, at the time of the American Revolution, to ask for one identical to the silversmith-patriot Paul Revere. First, however, they will have to warn the colonists that ... "Bring the English back!" Will the two travelers be able to fulfill their mission? And will Granny Granny get another silver spoon? Age of reading: from 8 years...

Bugs Bunny booksBugs Bunny. The five senses

A book with many games to learn how to develop the sense of taste, smell, sight, touch and hearing. Age of reading: from 5 years...

Bugs Bunny booksBugs Bunny. The most famous rabbit in the world. With DVD

For all fans, here is Bugs Bunny or the most famous rabbit in the world, as you've never seen it before! A DVD with the best of the cartoons that have marked the history of this character, authentic milestones in the history of animation, and a book with all the trivia, information and the most famous gags of the carrot-eating hero ...

Bugs Bunny booksBugs Bunny. Read and color

This series of coloring books features the cutest and most popular characters from the Looney Tunes. Drawing by drawing - and phrase by phrase you will learn about their world. Age of reading: from 4 years ...

Bugs Bunny booksColor with Bugs Bunny

Bugs Bunny booksBugs Bunny and his friends

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