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Comic books of the Fantastic FourThe terrible four. Fantastic four

Authors Roy Thomas & Len Wein; George P rez & Joe Sinnott
Data 2009, 200 pages, illustrated, paperback
Translator Riminicci C.
Editor Panini (necklace Marvel Gold)

A great classic of the 70s! The famous cycle of the Fab Four written by Roy Thomas & Len Wein and designed by George P rez & Joe Sinnott is back in a revised and corrected edition. In the astonishing two hundred pages of this volume, things from the other world await you: the arrival of Marvel Boy, the return of the Terrible Four, the infiltration of the Brute, Luke Cage against the Thing and then the Hulk, Thundra, the Impossible Man, the Eliminator, the Seven of Salem. And even a visit to the Marvel Comics offices !.

Comic books of the Fantastic FourThe end. Fantastic four

Author Alan Davis
Data 2007, 144 illustrated pages, paperback
Translator Ronchetti PP
Editor Panini (necklace 100% Marvel collection)

The future has arrived. And he took a heavy toll of blood and tears. At the hour of their last adventure, nearing what will truly be the end, the Fantastic Four are no longer Marvel's "First Family". To tell the truth, they are no longer even a family.

Comic books of the Fantastic FourFantastic four 1961-62. Marvel Masterworks. Vol. 1: 1-9

Author Stan Lee; Jack Kirby
Data 2007 232 pages, illustrated, bound
Translator Plazzi A.
Editor Panini (necklace 100% Marvel collection)

It was August 1961 and there was an air of change. In the newsstands a new series opened the way to the "Marvel Age", the era of Marvel comics. Fantastic Four 1 did not offer the usual heroes all in one piece with flamboyant costumes hidden by secret identities: Reed, Sue, Ben and Johnny were real characters placed in an extraordinary context. They lived together, quarreled with each other and could be defeated in battle. All this represented the beginning of something different. Thanks to authors such as Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko, Marvel's speeding train accelerated and an endless list of heroes followed the Ghost Four: Spider-Man, Thor, Hulk, Devii, Iron Man, the X -Men ... They are the Marvel heroes, split between human life and superhuman responsibility.

Comic books of the Fantastic FourSpiderman Comics. Fantastic Four

Title Spiderman Comics. Fantastic Four
Data 190 pages, ill., Paperback
Editor RCS Quotidiani - Corriere della Sera Annex (Spiderman Comics series)

Reed Richards is Mr. Fantastic, Susan Storm is the Invisible Woman, Ben Grimm is the Thing, Johnny Storm is the Human Torch. It's time for Spider-man to meet ... the Fantastic Four!

Hulk comic booksViolent punches. Hulk & The Thing

Authors: Jones Bruce; Lee Jae
Year: 2006

Data: 96 paperback pages

Editor: Sandwiches

Who is the strongest? Or rather who is the most monstrous? In exchange for incomparable strength, in fact, the Hulk and the Thing had to give up their humanity. But it was not a conscious choice: fate, a long time ago, decided for them. Since then, in the body of the Jade Giant, Bruce Banner (the man) and Hulk (the monster) have been fighting an absurd battle. As for Ben Grimm, he became the faint echo of a lost life for the Thing.

Fantastic Four comicsFantastic Four. Marvel Encyclopedia. Vol. 3

Data: 239 pages, illustrated, bound
Year: 2005
Editor: Sandwiches

Forty years ago, writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby created a team of heroes never seen before. Unlike previous groups of square-jawed superheroes who were comfortable in their pursuit of freedom and justice, the Fantastic Four they quarreled, argued and fought among themselves, like a real family. Their adventures around the world, in deep space and across unknown dimensions, have extended the limits of the Marvel Universe, pushing the reader's perception towards a new form of comic. This book covers the complete story of the Fantastic Four, from their earliest days to the historic 500th issue of Fantastic Four and more.

Fantastic Four comicsFantastic Four: the rebirth of heroes

Data: 158 pages, illustrated, paperback
Author: Jim Lee; Choi Brandon

Year: 2005
Editor: Sandwiches

Necklace: 100% Marvel collection

Mister Fantastic, the Invisible Woman, the Human Torch, the Thing. Together they make up the Fantastic Four, the most powerful group of superheroes in the world. Now, in a land similar to ours where men look with anguish at a world without heroes, they will once again fight under the banner of good and justice. The heroes are back!

Fantastic Four comicsFantastic Four: 1 2 3 4

Data: 93 pages, illustrated, paperback
Author: Morrison Grant; Jim
Year: 2004
Editor: Sandwiches

Necklace: 100% Marvel collection

I Fantastic Four they must face the diabolical plan orchestrated by doctor destiny, Namor and the mole man! A terrible battle in which some truths that have remained hidden for too long will be revealed ...

Fantastic Four comicsFantastic Four. The challenge of Doctor Doom

Data: 321 pages, illustrated, paperback
Author: Morrison Grant; Jim
Year: 2002
Editor: Mondadori

Necklace: Oscar bestsellers

In view of the release of the film some of the most exciting episodes that i see are collected in this volume Fantastic Four fighting with their historical enemy: Doctor Doom. Magician and scientist, Doctor Doom possesses the most powerful armor in the world, is at the head of a vast army of robots, and is able to enter people's minds ...

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