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After SchoolAfter School Nightmare No. 1 (Setona Mizushiro)

Acclaimed by audiences and critics for her captivating and unconventional works, Setona Mizushiro has been able to conquer a loyal audience even among those who have not yet understood that comics for girls goes far beyond the stereotypical romantic sweetness. In Italy there has been much talk of this author, but the wait is now over, and it will finally be possible to become passionate about the very mysterious events she has been able to create, immersing them in an atmosphere as elegant as it is disturbing and dreamlike. Mashiro Ichijo, a first year student of a private boarding school, has been trying for a long time to hide his secret from others, which forces him to live simultaneously with two different bodies within one. Tried by the regret of having to leave the kendo club, Mashiro meets a teacher in the hallway of the school, who invites him to follow him into a disturbing underground infirmary Secrets, mysteries and horrors without limits in a truly original and bizarre manga!

After SchoolAfter School Nightmare No. 2 (Setona Mizushiro)

Mashiro begins to familiarize himself with the nightmare environment generated by the course at the underground infirmary, and is convinced that he can finally repress his feminine side. However, relations with Sou, who has shown a particular interest in him, are becoming increasingly turbulent. As if that weren't enough, the first quarrels begin between Mashiro and his 'alleged' girlfriend Kureha Finally in your hands one of the most bizarre, romantic and disturbing manga of recent years! is not responsible for the contents, shipments and services offered by the shops listed here. Cartoni online is not a commercial site, but merely suggests articles and services regarding the world of cartoons and comics with external links.