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Avatar books James Cameron's avatar. Confidential report on the world of Pandora

Author: Wilhelm Maria; Mathison Dirk
Year: 2010
Pages: 203 illustrated, paperback
Publisher: Rizzoli
Age of reading: 10 years and up

Earth comrades, saving Pandora is our mission. In this stolen dossier you will find all the information you need to carry on the battle. Please join us. Because if we can't protect the world of Pandora, how can we save the Earth? Age of reading: from 10 years.

Avatar booksThe philosophies of Avatar. Images, subjectivity, politics

Year: 2010
Pages: 195 paperback
Curator: Caronia A .; Tursi A.
Publisher: Mimesis
Necklace: Posthuman

"Avatar" marks a revolution in cinema and imagination. Certainly not unexpected, but no less radical for this. The new 3D techniques create situations of involvement and immersion that were previously unthinkable for the viewer. The whole production and distribution system was disrupted and redesigned by Cameron's film. In this new interweaving of imagination, technique and production, cinema reconfirms itself as the central hub of the cultural industry - and therefore also the index, symptom and driving force of something that goes beyond it. Behind and beside the naivety and simplifications of the film, "Avatar" raises issues and problems of a philosophical, social and political nature on which reflection is urgent and necessary. A first proposal for reflection is contained in this book, by a patrol of scholars of different generations and from different backgrounds. What does the film take up and what goes beyond the tradition of the cinematographic imaginary? How does it present and how does it redesign the problems of the planet's ecological imagination? What models of political action and social organization does it compare? But one of the central nodes of "Avatar" is perhaps the fact that it offers us a story of transitions, of hybridizations between human and non-human, which speaks to us of the need to cross a constantly mobile and unstable threshold in which our identity vacillates but does not it is lost, it is challenged but at the same time exalted. With "Avatar" we are perhaps really entering the era of the posthuman. is not responsible for the contents, shipments and services offered by the shops listed here. Cartoni online is not a commercial site, but merely suggests articles and services regarding the world of cartoons and comics with external links.